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Guild Wars 2: Clear Ettin’s From Gort’s Pit


I’ve been having a lot of fun with Guild Wars 2. I have been playing the game for about a week and currently have a LV 18 Human Elementalist. Here is some of my gameplay + commentary doing the world event “Clear Ettin’s From Gort’s Pit For Gort”.

Lets Play/Review: Hotline Miami (PC)

I haven’t done a ‘lets play’ video in quite a while let alone a game review, but I was browsing steam the other day and came across this new game called Hotline Miami. I had seen and heard good things about the game, and given last weekend was 50% off I thought why not.

The game is amazing and soundtrack is epic 80’s. Definitely recommend this to anyone out there that doesn’t mind a bit of blood and violence with some great story and music.

Lets Play: Tribes Ascend (First Look) – Learning to Ski!

Taking my first look at Tribes Ascend for the PC. Recently build a new computer so I now get to play through all these new games I’ve missed out on the past 6 months or so! My upload speed on my internet connection is killing me at the moment so I don’t know how long it will be before I really get frustrated with it, but for now I’ll keep doing videos as long as I enjoy making them and can tolerate my internet connection!

My first play through of Tribes Ascend and learning to Ski all over again. I was a huge fan of Tribes 2 back in the day, but learning to ski is just like riding a bike. You never really seem to forget! I’ve played a few games since I recorded this and I must say by skiing has gotten a lot better since this! Having lots of fun playing Tribes again though.

MW3 Gameplay: Still Learning The Type 95 + What Desktop Mic Do I Use?

Still learning the Type 95 assault rifle on a kill confirmed match on the Fallen map. I also talk about the desktop microphone I use for my recordings. I use the BlueMic Yeti USB desktop microphone http://www.bluemic.com/yeti/

It’s an amazing mic and as it’s USB it’s fully digital audio you record to rather than converting analog to digital and needing extra hardware. You also don’t get any static or interference with a digital mic which is another plus. I actually talked about the mic when I first got it back in April if you’re interested in a great quality desktop microphone for all purpose recording.

Ridge Racer PS Vita Gameplay (Off Screen)

I’m starting to get excited about the PlayStation Vita, the launch line-up of games looks promising including Ridge Racer (above). The PS Vita is currently on pre-order here in Australia for ~$348 (wifi only), I think I’ll get one. I’m no way a PlayStation fanboy (jumped ship after the PS2 to XBOX 360) and didn’t really like the PSP but the PS Vita really does look very good.

If you’ve not seen any Little Big Planet PS Vita gameplay footage you really should, its awesome. I’ll see if I can track down some and post it here.