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My Top 3 Holiday Destinations Wish List

Ok, so I really want to take a nice long holiday sometime before June/July, which gives me about 6 months or so to think of places I want to visit. So far I’ve nutted out locations and I’ve come up with a top 3 list of places I’d like to go (in no particular order):

  • Los Angeles – United States
  • Thailand
  • British Columbia – Canada

Los Angeles:

LA would be great to visit around June. The weather would be quite nice and (being an avid gamer) the E3 expo will be on from June 7-9. I’d also love to check out a LA Lakers NBA game, that’s something I absolutely have to do if I go to LA.

thailand Thailand:

Now, Thailand is one of those places that I’ve never been, but have heard so much about. Friends keep telling me that I absolutely have to go and check out Thailand. From what I’ve seen it looks like a pretty amazing place, and much different as well which is part of the excitement of travelling abroad when going on vacation. I’ll have to scout some locations in Thailand before I make a decision.

British_Columbia British Columbia:

I’ve seen a about Vancouver on television, in travel books and magazines and from what people tell me its an amazing place to visit and the people are really friendly. I’d have to take a look around Victoria, head over to Vancouver then if I’m up to it, maybe take a few days and travel down the north-west coast of the US passing through Seattle, etc. Isn’t Niagara falls close by?

I still have a bit of time to make up my mind anyway, Anyone have any other good holiday ideas?