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Command & Conquer Generals 2 Trailer

A real-time strategy game running on frostbite 2 engine…awesome.

RPG gurus BioWare are bringing their talents to the real-time strategy realm with the help of DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine and the popular Command & Conquer franchise. The trailer for this PC exclusive may be short but it offers a tantalizing glimpse at what’s in store!
For more info on this upcoming title, set your rally points to IGN:

Torchlight 2 – Release Delayed Q3 2011

Torchlight 2 was due to be released in July this year but has been delayed for a Q3 release. Still, not very long to wait. New LAN and online multiplayer has been added to the game which will surely be a very popular inclusion. The original Torchlight was an amazing game, scoring an average review of 90% and a great Diablo alternative (or if you can’t wait for Diablo 3 to come out!). Can’t wait for this one, makes me wanna hop back into Torchlight 1 for now :).