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Team Fortress 2 Classes – Spy Training

OK. I recently got a copy of Team Fortress 2 on the PC via steam as its now free to play! I’ve been learning about all the classes in the game and so far I’ve gone through the first two being the Soldier and Demoman. Next is the Spy! Bring it on!

Team Fortress 2: First Multiplayer Match – I Suck at TF2!

OK my first multiplayer match in Team Fortress 2 and I absolutely suck as this game! I don’t play a lot of first person shooters to begin with but the least I can say is that I have a long way to go :). I really enjoy making gameplay videos and posting them on the internet. I am a fan of all games and love finding new stuff to sink my teeth into. TF2 is quite different to a lot of other shooters out there but is quite fun nonetheless. I can see myself really getting into this game and playing a lot more multiplayer online.

Team Fortress 2 Classes – Soldier Training Part 1

Team Fortress 2 has recently been made free to play on steam so why not get a copy of it and start playing! My first play of TF2 so I looked at the Soldier class to start playing with as I’ve never really played this game before. Of course I have heard of it before, but never played it in my life. It looks like a really fun game though! Talk about coming late to the party!