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TF2 Multiplayer – Payload on Backwater Basin

Playing my first Payload match on TF2. Wasn’t a complete game, came in half way through but gave me an idea about the payload game type and had some fun along the way.

Team Fortress 2: First Multiplayer Match – I Suck at TF2!

OK my first multiplayer match in Team Fortress 2 and I absolutely suck as this game! I don’t play a lot of first person shooters to begin with but the least I can say is that I have a long way to go :). I really enjoy making gameplay videos and posting them on the internet. I am a fan of all games and love finding new stuff to sink my teeth into. TF2 is quite different to a lot of other shooters out there but is quite fun nonetheless. I can see myself really getting into this game and playing a lot more multiplayer online.

Team Fortress 2 Classes – Soldier Training Part 1

Team Fortress 2 has recently been made free to play on steam so why not get a copy of it and start playing! My first play of TF2 so I looked at the Soldier class to start playing with as I’ve never really played this game before. Of course I have heard of it before, but never played it in my life. It looks like a really fun game though! Talk about coming late to the party!