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Consumers Running Out of Patience For Windows Tablets

Windows 8 tablets aren’t expected to arrive at market until sometime next year. And that’s a year too late, according to Forrester Research, which finds consumer interest in them to be quickly dwindling.


With the success of the Apple iPad it’s not hard to believe this, especially since not only Apple are becoming successful in the tablet market, but many other companies also. Microsoft has simply taken too long to make a mark in this space and with Windows 8 on the way that has made some effort to be more ‘touch’ friendly will it be too little too late?

Goodbye HP TouchPad!

Update (17/09/2011): The Touch-Droid team have released a guide and walkthrough videos on installing their Android build on the (former) WebOS device the HP TouchPad! You can check that out here: http://touch-droid.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2

The HP TouchPad was released a few weeks ago, and a few days after it’s launch HP announced a massive fire-sale of its new 1.2Ghz tablet device for $99 USD. We saw the same thing happen here, Harvey Norman stores were practically giving them away! I wish I got my hands on one of them before they were all snapped up. Now the TouchPad is dead so what will happen with HP’s WebOS? Can the HP TouchPad become the cheapest android tablet around?

Here’s a look at what the HP TouchPad could have been:

You can buy a now obsolete TouchPad on eBay for around $280 AUD. Still much cheper than the $500+ iPad and if those guys on the TouchDroid team can re-write Android gingerbread to run on this it would no doubt be the cheapest android tablet around!