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What Is Your Favourite Sound?

Ok so everybody has a favourite colour and everybody has a favourite food, but what about your favourite sound? I like the sound of the rain hitting a metal roof, I like the sound of Dream Theater! lol. I like the sound of babies playing together, I like the sound my girlfriend makes when sheโ€™s sleeping ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, I like the sound of the silence you get when youโ€™re standing in the middle of a forest with nobody else around you.

Leave your favourite sound in the comments below!

The Daily Post at WordPress.com | Post something every day

The Daily Post at WordPress.com | Post something every day.

Maybe I can do it, maybe I can’t! Who knows, but I’ve decided to take the daily post wordpress.com challenge to try and post something new on my blog everyday in 2011 (or at least every week).

It really can’t be that hard, I used to do it all the time and i’ll see if I can do it again. As I get further into it, I might start a new count on the left pane of this site to keep a count of the number of days I’ve posted new content in a row, and reset the counter when I miss a day. That will be more motivation to keep the ball rolling with new stuff! If I find I can’t keep up, then the counter will likely come down. Either way, this should be fun ๐Ÿ™‚