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StarCraft 2 Learning From Bronze: Judstin vs PaloiU

Lessons learned this game:

1. Scout: Again as it seems true with most games I play, I don’t scout my opponents base as much as I should be. If I had seen the baneling nest he built I would have realized earlier he was going banelings for this match. Also I didn’t have that much sight over the rest of the map so I didn’t see the banelings coming.

2. Protect against the baneling bust: To protect against a baneling bust I should have moved my stronger structures (factory/starport, etc) over to my front entrance and double wall. This would have provided me enough time to build a counter attack force to strike back.


The whole game he pretty much used speedlings and banelings with no further tech to higher units. Because of this, if I had amassed a larger force and not worried about his banelings as much, I might have been able to get a few medivac drops in his base or something.

StarCraft 2 Learning From Bronze: Judstin vs CraigMro

Lessons learned from this game:

– Remember to scout often!: I did end up winning this game but I could have ended the game a lot sooner than what I did if I had scouted what he had more often. I scouted his base with my SCV but apart from that initial scout, I had no clue what he was doing.

StarCraft 2 Learning From Bronze: Judstin vs Ozziee

I am currently ranked 13 in my bronze league division in StarCraft 2. I usually win more games than I loose, but every loss there is a lesson learned and this is partly the idea behind these videos. I have to say I’m not a professional player (obviously) and I’m not a professional StarCraft 2 commentator. These videos are simply a ‘self-help’ idea I came up with and by sharing my learning experiences with others I might find some new and interesting tips along the way.

There aren’t a lot of useful video guides out there to help Bronze/Silver leaguers get out of those leagues but Total Halibut does a great series “I suck at StarCraft 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92Rv-s-7rNk. I’m hoping to be able to share my Bronze league experiences with others and maybe I’ll learn a thing or two along the way also!. I’m always looking for great beginner SC2 vids so this is my contribution.

My goal is to record a bunch of my bronze level matchups and review them try to find out what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong and to see what my opponents are doing that work well for them. Chances are others have already made the same mistakes I have and if not, maybe my videos will help them out!

There’s always something new to learn with StarCraft 2 – let the learning begin!

Counter-Strike: Source – People Still Play This Game?

I can’t believe that after 11 years (since 2000 I think) this game still has a very large online following. I found my steam login details and thought I’d take a look at a game I hadn’t played in A LONG time! Very surprised there are still HEAPS of servers with HEAPS of players playing. Some things don’t change it seems. I’ve forgotten how difficult this game really was. These days with games like Call of Duty and most other first person shooters you are able to aim down the sights of your selected weapon for better accuracy while shooting but in CS – no such luxury. You basically have to hip-fire ALL the time!

Also the game plays very fast these days, it is quite an old game but when you run forward or backwards your momentum seems to continue to propel you forward for a second or so after you let go of the key which is really weird. I used to play this game all the time back in the early 2000’s and was quite good at it, but these days I totally suck. I might do a few other videos of gameplay from CS though, it’s old but still interesting.