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New MadCatz Tournament Fight Sticks

MadCatz have revealed their new tournament fight sticks they will launch with the long awaited addition to the Street Fighter franchise – Street Fighter 4.

madcatzstics The typical controller doesn’t really help you if you’re a hardcore fighter. You always wish for something that can give you more precise motion to pull off those killer combos and these new arcade style sticks are just what you need.


“But again, there was a problem: the quality of home console fighting sticks just weren’t that great. So what’s a dedicated fighting game junkie to do? Well, you can start by sending the fine folks at MadCatz a big fruit basket as a ‘thank you’ for answering your prayers. The third-party peripheral maker has teamed up with Capcom to produce what might be the best controller for fighting games ever created.” – source:gamepro.com

I don’t really have any information at present regarding the cost of these units, but I think (don’t quote me on this) the tournament edition stick (middle above) will retail for around AUD~$120.