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R18+ Classification For Video Games in Australia

The Commonwealth Government has finally released its discussion paper which briefly summarises the key arguments for and against an R 18+ classification for computer games. Censorship Ministers in Australia have considered the issue of an adult classification for computer games on several occasions. However, they have not undertaken public consultation on this issue.

Submissions are being sought on whether the Australian National Classification Scheme should include an R 18+ classification category for computer games. Submissions can be made by downloading and completing the submission template. Submissions may also be mailed or faxed. The discussion paper and submission template contain the contact details for making a submission.

Submissions are invited by close of business 28 February 2010. Submissions received after the due date may not be considered.

The average age of video gamers in Australia is 30 years old and should have the right to view and use video games which depict sex and violence if they choose, as the exact same classification exists for film and television…it doesn’t seem right to not have one for games. It’s great the Australian government is interested in hearing from the public about this issue and hopefully its a great first step in bringing Australia’s aged classification legislation into the present (instead of living in the 60s).

For more information, please visit the Australian attorney general’s site for an R18+ game classification.