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Retro Gaming: GameCube GameBoy Player Start-up Disc

Last week I got my hands on a GameCube with the GameBoy player attachment but unfortunately did not come with the start-up disc to actually boot the attachment and play the games. Well, luckily Nintendo still have a bunch of them and they sold me one for $15 inc. postage. Not too bad at all. Thanks Nintendo!

Retro Gaming: Nintendo GameCube and the GameBoy Player

Since I found my old GameBoy Pocket and GameBoy Color handhelds a few weeks ago I’ve gotten really into old games again! EBay is your friend when you’re trying to track this stuff down! Managed to get my hands on a Nintendo GameCube which was delivered yesterday but only just unboxed it before after a hard day at work :). I also have a few GameCube games on the way which should arrive in the next week or so.I’m most looking forward to Mario Kart: Double Dash to arrive, I haven’t played a Mario Kart game in a long time so will be cool to check one out again!If anyone can recommend any other fun GameCube games I’m all ears!

Indigo GC with the GameBoy attachment so I can play my old GameBoy games that I found a few weeks ago up on a big TV. I do still have my GameBoy Pocket and GameBoy Color handhelds but this attachment for the GameCube is really great. Was also lucky enough to get a memory card shipped with it. It didn’t come with the GameBoy Player start-up disc as the original owner had lost it but not to worry I called Nintendo a few days ago and they have heaps still so I was able to buy one direct from their service department for $15 inc. postage so that was pretty good. That should arrive in the next few days.