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How To Find Your Logon Server In A Domain Environment

logonserverAre you an IT administrator and want to make sure your users are authenticating against a local domain controller? Do you want to make sure they’re running their logon scripts locally and not from a server 20,000 kilometres away?

To check and make sure, its easy. Just open a command prompt on a computer on your domain and type:

echo %logonserver%

This will print the value of the environment variable LOGONSERVER giving you the machine name of the domain controller used.

Its widely known knowledge, but sometimes you just never know. I hope this helps somebody out.

Domain Name Rules Soon To Be Relaxed (Unconfirmed)

I have heard a bunch of stories floating around the place regarding a relaxation of current domain name rules (.com, .net, .org, etc) however I have absolutely no idea on whether its actually true or not.

The word on the street is basically that domain names could soon be more than just .com (.net, etc) giving you the ability to register domains such as “www.pcgames.game”, “www.movies.film”, etc. The regulators of domain name rules (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) have announced this recently at their annual meeting in Paris which will build on the standard .com, .net or country domain names.

Its quite an interesting story, post your comments if you’ve also heard anything about this and if you’ve found sources online, post their links it would be great to find out if this is actually happening.