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Guild Wars 2: Clear Ettin’s From Gort’s Pit


I’ve been having a lot of fun with Guild Wars 2. I have been playing the game for about a week and currently have a LV 18 Human Elementalist. Here is some of my gameplay + commentary doing the world event “Clear Ettin’s From Gort’s Pit For Gort”.

MW3 Kill Confirmed on Carbon Gameplay – Learning the Type 95

I’m not a good call of duty player, but I just like making videos and posting them on the internet for fun. More of a learning tool for me to record and post my games and see where I go wrong and what I can improve on. I don’t post games that I top the leaderboard or get a high kill count or anything, but interesting games where I might have a nice kill streak going or a good lesson learned!

This was a kill confirmed match on Carbon played on the XBOX 360.

Terraria PC Gameplay – What Is Terraria?

My first play through of Terraria. Its a pretty interesting game, very similar to Minecraft for those who’ve played that before. You can mine for resources, build stuff, explore for treasure, heaps of stuff. Have not even cracked the surface of this game, still learning everything you can do but looking forward to lots more Terraria soon. Will have to get multiplayer happening which should be a lot of fun with friends. The audio levels were a bit off so apologies for the pick axe sounds being a little loud (will fix that up in the next video).