Manager of the Year – Funny


I came across this somewhere on the net and thought it was kinda funny. How stupid are some people, im sure he would have realized that the mouse wasn’t moving on the screen and when you think of that, wouldn’t you go investigate? Ahh, who knows, obviously not this guy.

New Vista Build 5308.60 Released!

Only days ofter 5308 was released, it has been “released” again! This recompile of 5308 is faster, sleeker, cleaner, and better than ever.This is the FIRST time Microsoft has EVER followed a Vista build with another, just days later.. Especially not two CTPs in a row!

Anybody interested in Windows Vista should check out the screens of some of the latest features to hit the build. I think the OS is still scheduled for a end of year launch, or possibly Q3 at the earliest.

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Javascript in Ten Minutes

If want to learn Javascript in 10 minutes, then here you go. This is such a crash course in javascript, but I guess if you were ever interested in it but didn’t want to go to school to learn or no money for books, this is the next best thing.

If you are totally new at computer programming then I doubt you will pick up javascript in 10 minutes, but the article is set out very well and fairly easy to understand.

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Monday TechQuestions #15

Just a quick note on MTQ:#15

Sorry for the inconsistency of Monday Tech Questions this last week or so, but as you already know, been really busy getting the school semester off to a start. Don’t fear though, I’m currently writing #15 right now and if you’ve ever had problems with Microsoft Office such as crashes, unexplained errors to its just doing something you didn’t think it should be doing, then you’ll find this interesting. Stay tuned (Monday 6th March).

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