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Thrift Store Pickups – October 2012: Starwars Goodness!

I went down to my local thrift store (Salvation Army) today and picked up a couple of nice additions to my Playstation 2 collection, as well as a really nice find way hidden in the back.

A special edition box set Star Wars trilogy release from 1997! This box set contains digitally remastered versions of the original star wars films and was released in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first film. While I don’t watch VHS tapes anymore (DVD and blu-ray) having this in the collection is really nice. For a pick-up of only $1 I couldn’t say no. I was casually looking through some of their VHS tapes and noticed this gold box with a black lucasfilm logo on it…as soon as I saw the logo I knew it would be something worth checking out and sure enough, a star wars box set.

This box set is 15 years old today, and very collectible so quite nice to have.

Star Wars Complete Saga On Blu-Ray (Finally!)

swcs_boxartIf you’ve been waiting forever for the complete Star Wars series of films to release as a single box-set you’re not alone. It has been years and years in the making and in that time all we’ve received that’s even close to a complete box-set has been two separate trilogy boxes. While the content of each box was pretty good with lots of extra bonus content, fans of the films have always wanted the complete set in one single box. It’s a bit more collectable that way too.

So far there has been no news about a complete box set coming to DVD so if you’ve not yet moved up into the world of Blu-Ray this might be your catalyst to upgrade as it will only be available on Blu-Ray. George Lucas has wanted to save the best for last it seems. He shot the last trilogy (episodes 1-3) digitally, so maybe wants his flagship box set to be seen with the best possible quality that high definition (HD) can bring?

Whatever the reason, I’ll be in line to pick up a copy when it releases in Australia September 14th, 2011. You can pre-order now at JB Hi-Fi or online @ JB

10 80’s Cartoons We Couldn’t Live Without

Remember the television shows we all used to watch growing up in the 80’s? Get ready to take a step back into the past to revisit some of those great shows that we just couldn’t live without. In no particular order:

10 – Inspector Gadget

Who didn’t love inspector gadget? When I was a kid I wanted his hat that had a helicopter in it that was awesome!

9 – Transformers

I had the toys and watch the cartoons religiously when I was about 5 or so. Watching Optimus Prime save the day, day in day out never got old!

8 – Ghostbusters Animated Series

Ghostbusters! na-na-na-na-na….nanananana!!

7 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

No anchovies dudes!

6 – Voltron

I remember the gang, Lance, Pidge, Captain Keith, Sven…i loved Sven, maybe because he was funny to me at the time. He was a Norwegian fighter pilot who piloted the blue Lion…who doesn’t love a show with lots of mech type machines…bit of a rip of Transformers, but we loved it all the same!

5 – Banana man

Go Bananaman, save us from the horrible apple man. I tell you what, this show was awesome when I was 3 or 4 but looking at it now has made me realize how crap it really was. I could come up with a better show after 20 beers! (Table cloth vs kitchen sink!…its a hit!)

4 – Captain Planet (early 90’s but it was awesome wasn’t it!)

Captain Planet. He’s a hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero! At least the show had some educational value. 20 years later, who would have thought all that info we got on the environment would hold up so well!

3 – The Jetsons

This show taught me so much at such a young age. It was the first place I learned the number 1 fact of life. You work for your money, then you get home and it’s your wife’s to keep!

2- M.A.S.K

M.A.S.K! Another one of those “I want to be like Transformers” shows. But I liked it, with the flying cards and helicopter bikes, it was great. Another show based on an 80’s comic book.

1 – The Simpsons

The Simpsons…everyone know the Simpsons. Starting in 1989 this show was absolutely responsible for moulding the 20 something’s of today’s society into what they are today. Most people found their sense of humour through the Simpsons and so many jokes in the show made their way into popular culture. As the show continues to this day (some episodes more questionable than others) all in all perhaps the best animated series of all time!

Jerry Seinfeld Turns To Reality Television

Maybe Jerry Seinfeld is bored these days? Maybe he doesn’t have any better ideas for a television show than the one he’s set to produce next season on NBC called “ The Marriage Ref”.

That’s right, comedic high-flyer and star of the hit 90’s sitcom “Seinfeld” is set to make a return to television behind the camera at this point producing a new comedy show Marriage Ref. The premise behind the show is that a married couple are involved in an argument that could quite possibly end their marriage, and celebrity guests appear on the show as “referees” of the argument to determine who is right and who is wrong.

A statement was released by Seinfeld which stated that the new show is not a therapy show, but a comedy show.

I personally think its a bad idea for such a comedic genius to dabble in the crapness that is reality television, but on the other hand some great comics have turned out successful shows based on real life (Curb Your Enthusiasm?). I’m interested to see what Seinfeld does with this idea and will have to check it out.

Every episode of the Simpsons streamed for FREE!

simps.jpgAre you a serious simpson’s fan who just can’t get enough? Can’t be bothered waiting for every season to come out on DVD? Well folks, I think I may have your answer…try streaming EVERY episode to your computer FOR FREE!

There is a website I just stumbled across called AllSimps – All the Simpson’s you need and they have every episode of every season freely avaliable for direct streaming across the Internet. They make it possible to do this becuase they are in no way distributing the content illegally by providing download links, just merely allowing them to be viewed online whilst retaining ownership.

Finding the episode you wanna watch is really simple. Just choose the season (1-18) you wann watch, and pick your episode and watch it stream directly to your computer. I always find myself around friends residing simpson’s quotes which (us anyway) just think are absolutely hilarious. If you are just like me, I always like to remember which episode some of these killer quotes came from so I can go back and look around for others, or just to hear them once more.

So, if you are a huge simpsons fan, or casual watcher you cannot go past this new site (link above), becuase it truely is All the Simpson’s you’ll ever need!

The Office (NBC) Episode 1, Season 3 finally here!


OMG! I absolutely have to watch this. For any Office fan, the arrival of the first episode from the new 3rd season is definately a huge momentous occasion. All our questions will (hopefully) finally be answered, Jim and Pam’s story will have just begun and a whole new season of hillarious office drama to watch.

Follower’s of my blog may remember a post on the office I wrote a few months back now (“The Office back for season 3“); I discussed a few possibilities as to what might happen this season between Jim and Pam. It was hinted in the season 2 finale’ that they ‘might’ get together, but not exactly definate and we were left with a cliffhanger.

So can’t wait to watch this episode, in about 20mins i’ll have it downloaded to watch at my pleasure. God bless the office, what would we all do without it?

Miami Vice back for another boom


STARRING: Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Gong Li, Naomie Harris, Ciaran Hinds
DIRECTOR: Michael Mann
GENRE: Action / Crime / Drama
RELEASE DATE: July 28, 2006

The beloved television series of the 80’s Miami Vice is back with a film adaptation of the series. Michael Mann who is the director of the film was also one of the original show’s producers which is just great. Mann has had alot of experience with the franchise and who better to bring Sonny and Tubbs to the big screen than he.

I’m not going to pull all the crap on the net about the film away and whack it up on here, but you can check out a really great film synopsis at

If you were a fan of Michael Mann’s previous film Collateral starring Tom Cruise & Jaime Foxx, then I have no doubt you’ll abosolutely love Miami Vice which is due to open in Cinemas July 27 (Australia), July 28th (North America). Both these two films have fairly similar cinematography and visual effects and is really worth a look.

I so cannot wait until this movie hits theaters. I was a pretty big fan of the tv show and can’t wait to see Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubs back for some more action.

Back to the Future original first draft 1981

backtofuture.jpgOnce again I’ve been looking through a whole lot of documents I have on my computer and stumbled across the original first draft of a script from the film ‘Back to the Future’. Any fans of the Back to the Future movies might find this interesting.

The script written by Robert Zemeckis & Bob Gale was a first draft only of the film which they wrote on the 24th February, 1981. Just reading through, the script feels much longer than the actual finished film and for any die hard fan, it’s interesting to read through some of the things that never made it into the final production.

Its just like reading a Harry Potter Novel, or any book in which has been adapted to film. The book always includes many of the details lost in the movie and getting a hold of a first draft of a film is quite the similar feeling. You can read through the first draft via the link below. This isn’t a copy that I wrote myself and am not 100% sure on it’s authenticity, but similar documents can be found elsewhere online also.

Back to the Future – First Draft

Very cool, enjoy!