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Al Pacino talks about Salome


Al Pacino's upcoming theatrical production of Oscar Wilde's Salome looks like a very interesting 'period' piece, with very modern elements and underlying subtexts which make the story of Salome that more intereting to tell.

A dramatic production based on the biblical tale of lust and revenge, Oscar Wilde’s SALOME draws the audience into a decadent world of passion and betrayal. SALOME follows the legend of King Herod and his unbridled desire for Salome, the young daughter of his wife, Herodias. Salome, indifferent to Herod’s advances, longs for the love of the imprisoned John the Baptist. When he rejects her, she uses her powers of seduction and manipulation – and the Dance of the Seven Veils – to seek her revenge. –

Al talks about his newest production, what fascinates him about the story of Salome and how he feels audiences will react to the story.