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SC2 1x Barracks Fast Expand – Trying Something New!

A new StarCraft 2 gameplay video of a ladder match I played a few days ago. The last few games I’ve played I’ve lost with trying to harass early with cloaked Banshee’s…didn’t work out so well so figured I’d change it up a little and go with a more macro oriented game and try a 1x rax fast expand. Worked out pretty well.

StarCraft 2 – First Game Back For 2012

Last year I did a video series “Learning from Bronze” for SC2, shortly after I got rid of my PC in an effort to build a new one. 12 months later I finally get around to it and now that I’ve got a new PC I’m back on SC2.

There are a few videos online helping Bronze league-rs improve their skills and get better but if you really need help not too many of them hold your hand teaching core mechanics, etc. I figure from the perspective of a fellow Bronze league player my gameplay may help others struggling with this game.

SC2: Battles Through The Bronze League – Season 3 Placement

OK, been a few months since I last played any StarCraft 2 and here we are with Season 3. Didn’t even realize season 3 had already started but in case you aren’t aware, with each new season comes a new placement match to get re-ranked in a league/division. My season 3 placement match, a TvZ played out very slowly, still managed to pull off a win to start the season though. Still lots to learn, and still need to practice using more hotkeys. Last season when I was playing a bit more I was getting better using them, but now as it’s been a while I’ve gone back to my old ways…very very slow.

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Preview

I can’t seem to get enough StarCraft 2 news lately, the other day I posted a teaser trailer of the upcoming StarCraft 2 Zerg expansion “Heart of the Swarm” and now today @ they have a great article which previews this upcoming expansion.

I can’t wait to see what’s happened with Kerrigan since after the final events of the first chapter. She was looking a little less “Zergy” and a bit more human looking, she will no doubt be integral part of the Zerg campaign but at what length will be the question.

I wish I could post some of these images they are look really great, looks like a few snow missions and Kerrigan looks like she still has the Zerg dreadlocks but all in all looking more human, but what I don’t get is that she somehow is able to control the Zerg. I know she was a very powerful ghost in SC1 and some pretty good psionic abilities…maybe she uses them to control the hive? Not too sure but cannot wait for this one!

SC2: Battles Through The Bronze League

OK, 5th video in this Learning from Bronze “series” documenting my struggles through the bronze league in StarCraft 2. Apologies for the poor sound quality in this video, it’s still ok but was experimenting with a few different options. I’ll go back to my regular 128bps MP3 encoding for next time.

Was a bit better this game with my scouting which is nice to see I’m learning! I’m usually not too bad against Protoss opponents but I usually get killed pretty quickly when they go Dark Templar. I’m usually focusing pretty hard on getting my army size up and my macro that I completely forget about the possibility of early stealth units from the Protoss.

At least this game I was able to scout somewhat to realize he would probably be going down this road so was able to get up a few missile turrets to detect cloaked units at my base. As I didn’t have any mobile detector unit with me in my army push I remembered to keep a few scanner sweeps handy in case I ran into cloaked resistance. It was lucky I did because my opponent most definitely did go with Dark Templar and I was able to render them pretty much useless and took him out quite decisively.

StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm Teaser Trailer

I cannot wait for this second chapter of StarCraft 2. I really like the story so far, played right through the first game and really looking forward to what happens next with Kerrigan! No release date yet announced but probably looking like early next year at this point. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for an early (Christmas 2011) release!!

StarCraft 2 Learning From Bronze: Judstin vs PaloiU

Lessons learned this game:

1. Scout: Again as it seems true with most games I play, I don’t scout my opponents base as much as I should be. If I had seen the baneling nest he built I would have realized earlier he was going banelings for this match. Also I didn’t have that much sight over the rest of the map so I didn’t see the banelings coming.

2. Protect against the baneling bust: To protect against a baneling bust I should have moved my stronger structures (factory/starport, etc) over to my front entrance and double wall. This would have provided me enough time to build a counter attack force to strike back.


The whole game he pretty much used speedlings and banelings with no further tech to higher units. Because of this, if I had amassed a larger force and not worried about his banelings as much, I might have been able to get a few medivac drops in his base or something.