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YouTube – Life In A Day: The Story Of A Single Day On Earth


On the 24th of July, 2010 thousands of people around the world uploaded videos of their lives to YouTube to take part in Life in a Day, a historic cinematic experiment to create a documentary film about a single day on earth.

This is absolutely amazing, I can’t wait to check this out in a few days. Click the picture above to go straight to the life in a day YouTube site where you will be able to watch the world premier live from the Sundance film festival. You can also check out video clips from people who’ve submitted their footage to be used for the documentary and even some that didn’t make the cut. All of it though will contribute to something that will really make history!

There are so many different types of people all over the world and you’d think there are so many different ways to live one’s live but this documentary will show how common human beings are to one another, and how problems with racial divide and social unrest in our world today really shouldn’t really be as big of a problem as they really are. Maybe an experiment like this will bring more people closer to one another, and maybe will be the start of change in our world.

I’m On Twitter

If you’re ever on twitter and want to follow me to see what I’ve been up to, or what I’m doing you can add me:

If you’re not on twitter but are still curious to see what I’ve been up to, you can just stop by here on my blog. My Twitter updates are displayed to the right of the page just below the site’s most popular posts.

mytwitter Twitter differs from other social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace by its simplicity in finding what people are doing, and following others you may be interested in without having to wait for friend requests, etc. Twitter doesn’t use the ‘friends’ concept, but you can search for anybody you like (even celebrities) and just “follow” their tweets to see what they’ve been up to.

For example, I’m following Jimmy Fallon. He likes to update his followers on what’s coming up on his show and stuff he finds during the day that interests him, I follow Heidi Montag (from the Hills) and she updates her followers on what’s happened on the set of her show, etc.

Interesting new concept, so I thought I’d get on that bandwagon.

Facebook’s Recent Changes: Mistaken Identity?


Most of you who use Facebook will know what I’m talking about when I say, “What happened to Facebook”?

This past week, Facebook has made some significant changes not only to the homepage, but to most of the site. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, check out Peter X. Deng’s (Facebook engineer) recent blog post on Facebook.

These changes aren’t just cosmetic layout changes either, but some things like the “What are you doing now” bar, changing profile pictures, etc have had their functionality changed quite substantially. One such change in particular caught my eye and that is the old “What are you doing now” bar. This used to be a quick little text area that let you put how you felt in for all to see, and it still is that (kinda).

If you’re familiar with the online service twitter you’ll see where I’m getting at here. The new Facebook status bar is very much like the concept behind twitter. Twitter gives you the ability to quickly share with your friends and family what you’re currently doing, what you’re feeling, where you currently are, what you’re eating (the list goes on).

It looks too much like Facebook trying to ‘steal’ the concept behind twitter for their own use, but adapting it just enough to be slightly different. Twitter lets you share videos, links, photos, etc all via the little “status” bar. Now amazingly, Facebook lets you do exactly the same thing.

C’mon Facebook, what are you doing? You got popular to begin with because you were so different from anything else out there…don’t steal ideas from others and make them your own…we all know what happens to companies who do that (Microsoft…).

Here’s a great YouTube clip from SomeGreyBloke on what Facebook used to be.

Let me know what you think guys!

Natasha Richardson Dies From Skiing Accident in Quebec, Canada

Natasha Richardson, wife of British actor Liam Neeson died today after a skiing accident at Mount Tremblant in Quebec, Canada.

It’s something very tragic and feel terrible for what Liam and his family would be going through right now.

The mother of two, who was not wearing a helmet, hit the left side of her face tearing a blood vessel in the brain, which would start as a slow leak and later prove fatal.

But initially she appeared unhurt and got up laughing. Unaware of the serious injury, she refused to see a doctor and even signed a medical form saying that she did not need help.

The accident has made world news over the past 24 hours. Unfortunately people die all the time and many high profile people die quite often I would imagine, but I think it’s the nature of the accident, the terrible timing and the sudden shock of loosing a loved one that’s hit so hard with the public.

A tragedy nobody can ever expect or prepare for.

Online Social Networking: Social Injustice or Social Greatness?


These days there are so many ways to stay in touch with your friends online. You’ve got MySpace, blogs, Friendster, Instant Messaging, twitter and Facebook just to name a few. With all this choice online have we started to forget how to socialize in reality? Have we lost most of our communication skills and as a consequence the best we can come up with these days is a short 5 word sentence to update your status, or a ROFLMAO, LOL, WOOT!

Some will argue that social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc have made us lazier with conversation and that many school age children are using these sites for hours upon hours a day. If you’re using services such as this are younger children skewing their English language development just by using websites like these?

myspace Fair enough if you’re a bit older and actually grew up with an English teacher before all this started (web 2.0) as your English skills are probably alright, or at least not half bad, but there are many children these days using sites like Facebook at 8 years old, some even younger. It’s not just learning difficulties that young people may face being constantly surrounded by the online hype but do these types of services make younger people more aggressive or violent?

You can’t really pin this one on social network websites, it would be more fair to lay blame on the internet itself perhaps? When I was younger growing up I didn’t have an internet connection as available to me as most kids have these days. If I did would I have turned out different? Would my education have been affected?

The truth of the matter is, to an extent I think the “online revolution” kids have grown up with these days may be the new “Nintendo Thumb” of this generation but cannot possibly be the sole reason behind a possible rise in violence and attitudes of kids today.

I know for a fact that social network websites give kids greater access to their friends anyone thought imaginable back in the day. Kids can send audio, photos and videos of themselves and we’ve seen problems in some schools with pornographic images taken of themselves and circulated amongst their circle of friends raising all kinds of ethical questions.

Getting away from kids for a moment. You could argue that social networking sites affect us adults in more ways than we first thought. We loose productivity at work if our MySpace or Facebook addictions take hold for too long, some employees have even lost their jobs over spending too much time at work on these websites.

In our society today, are social networking websites as much of a problem to our society than gambling or tobacco addiction? It’s much of a muchness I guess, the question is can you really classify Facebook as an addiction. For most people…it is not.

I’ve gone of on a few different tangents, and granted I didn’t really spend a lot of time exploring any of them. I’m merely just exploring my thoughts. I’m not expecting anything to make sense, but if some of it does then that’s great.

What do you think of social networking sites of today and how do you think they affect our society?

Annoying Friends

All of us I’m sure have someone in their circle of friends the rest of the group secretly talks about behind their back, the person that is always the butt of the jokes, the person that we still kinda enjoy their company but just say the stupidest things at the most indecent times.


Personally, if you’re lucky enough to have a friend you still do enjoy their company but sometimes they just really annoy you…think yourself lucky. The question is…what can do you with your ‘friend’ you just can’t stand?

Most often than not (in my experience anyway) a person in your circle of ‘friends’ who you hate that much didn’t gain membership because its something you wanted but rather they were forced upon the group because a friend has started dating somebody new or a friend has obtained a new friend by some means.

So what can you do with your friend? How can you stop the constant arguing, nagging and b**ching behind their back?

I guess you could argue that if things are that bad with your friend, then the only thing to do is to end the friendship (unless it was never a friendship to begin with) just tell them how they make you feel, and all the annoying things they do. I should take my own advice on this one but that’s another story.

What if this person is not your friend, but your friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend? How do you deal with this situation? What if this person is so annoying you just can’t stand to be around the both of them? There are so many questions I have on this topic I just don’t have any answers to but is one of those situations although awkward is hard to fathom unless you have to deal with it yourself.

Exams are over! How do you celebrate?

Yay! My university exams are finally over. I cannot believe it, there was a time there where it felt as if they would never finish. Although I have finished, I recently got a new job in Melbourne that I start tomorrow so no breaks for me, off to work I go. But it’s not all that bad, I’ll be working for a month then I’ll get my christmas break from work for about two weeks or so.

So I’ve got a few end of year parties coming up for uni, but I found myself wondering…If I didn’t have to goto work right now, what would I be doing for end of year celebrations? How would I be celebrating? Mmm…

  • Party all day and all night
  • Stay at home
  • Sit by the calendar and wait for the new semester!

However you celebrate it, let us know in the comments section. I would be interested on any huge parties happening in your area and what other students get up to this time of year.