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Annoying Friends

All of us I’m sure have someone in their circle of friends the rest of the group secretly talks about behind their back, the person that is always the butt of the jokes, the person that we still kinda enjoy their company but just say the stupidest things at the most indecent times.


Personally, if you’re lucky enough to have a friend you still do enjoy their company but sometimes they just really annoy you…think yourself lucky. The question is…what can do you with your ‘friend’ you just can’t stand?

Most often than not (in my experience anyway) a person in your circle of ‘friends’ who you hate that much didn’t gain membership because its something you wanted but rather they were forced upon the group because a friend has started dating somebody new or a friend has obtained a new friend by some means.

So what can you do with your friend? How can you stop the constant arguing, nagging and b**ching behind their back?

I guess you could argue that if things are that bad with your friend, then the only thing to do is to end the friendship (unless it was never a friendship to begin with) just tell them how they make you feel, and all the annoying things they do. I should take my own advice on this one but that’s another story.

What if this person is not your friend, but your friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend? How do you deal with this situation? What if this person is so annoying you just can’t stand to be around the both of them? There are so many questions I have on this topic I just don’t have any answers to but is one of those situations although awkward is hard to fathom unless you have to deal with it yourself.

What do modern women really want?

woman.jpgIs it the sensitivity of a new-age guy? More sex, less intimacy? Are they looking for that special someone? These are just a few of the overwhelming volume of questions guys ask themselves these days about what women of today truely want.

I came across a blog article on the age newspaper (Melbourne) entitled What modern women are looking for and proved very interesting actually. Sambrett (author of the post) talks about how difficult it is for many men these days looking for love, and how hard it truely is to read a girl’s wants and needs, and what they truely want from us men. Long term? Short Term? Who knows…Frankly, men have almost no clue on exactly what a modern woman wants from a relationship.

Is it becuase women are just so closed which makes them so hard for us to read? or are they other forces at play here?

Obviously not all women are they same, not all think the same, and not all want the same things? Are females just as clueless about what they want, just like us males? Is this why the signs are so hard to read, understand and digest?
If your interested, check out the article via the link above and let us know what you all think? Granted, this article is quite general in its statements made about the women of today, but check it out, still quite an interesting read.