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Back to the Future original first draft 1981

backtofuture.jpgOnce again I’ve been looking through a whole lot of documents I have on my computer and stumbled across the original first draft of a script from the film ‘Back to the Future’. Any fans of the Back to the Future movies might find this interesting.

The script written by Robert Zemeckis & Bob Gale was a first draft only of the film which they wrote on the 24th February, 1981. Just reading through, the script feels much longer than the actual finished film and for any die hard fan, it’s interesting to read through some of the things that never made it into the final production.

Its just like reading a Harry Potter Novel, or any book in which has been adapted to film. The book always includes many of the details lost in the movie and getting a hold of a first draft of a film is quite the similar feeling. You can read through the first draft via the link below. This isn’t a copy that I wrote myself and am not 100% sure on it’s authenticity, but similar documents can be found elsewhere online also.

Back to the Future – First Draft

Very cool, enjoy!

MySpace: What’s all the fuss?

myspace_203.jpgFelow blogger Tyler Walicek has recently written a really great article on his blog entitied “The MySpace Saga” which takes a look at where the site all started out, how it took shape, and an interesting look at the popular social networking site’s more shady background.

“I’ve always been fascinated with MySpace. It’s a writhing, twisted cesspool of Internet slang and <FONT COLOR=#FF751A”>terrible code.<F/ONT> But it’s also an outlet for millions of people, mostly teens, who, someway, somehow, through all the malformed CSS and hideous pages, are creating an identity for themselves. They decorate their profiles with YouTube Clips, oversized text, and pictures of their favorite rappers. Their pages are 5000 pixels wide and impossible to read. And they love it.

But there’s more to MySpace than just users with questionable web design skills. The site itself has something of a shady history. With a little bit of research, I’ve managed to piece together a timeline for how the site actually came about.”

source: Tyler Walicek: The MySpace Saga

A look at who is behind the creation of the site, who exactly Tom Anderson is (myspace go-ers all know who “Tom” is right lol) and who is backing the site now.

More recently Rupert Murdoch and his company newscorp bought out myspace from its previous owners for something like $570 million dollars. Google was in the running for the buy out, but declined stating that they (google) weren’t interested in a buy-out of MySpace becuase they could create something better (paraphrase).

Rupert Murdoch is obviously fairly happy with himself these days after purchasing MySpace anyway. He know owns the most popular social networking site around, and perhaps the most popular website on the internet these days.

Definately be sure to check out Tyler’s article with the link above. Very interesting look.

Superman Comic Issue #1

I don't care if your the biggest comic book nerd in the world or not, anybody will appreciate a glance at one of the world's most popular superhero's first ever comic book issue. June 1938 was the date the very first issue of superman was released under Action Comics and continues to be a very popular character to this day.

Superman has had his share of television and film adaptations with more recently Superman returns hitting theaters in the coming months, and Smallville television series taking a look at the legend that is superman.

You can find the original print of Issue #1 here as JPG image files, which is the complete issue, and in very good condition.

Flu dissapearing, Tetris addiction makes its way

Well it finally looks like I'm getting some relief from this stupid flu. God I had being sick, first it just started out as another regular cold, but then the headaches and fever came and I knew I was in for a full scale battle with the flu. Well day 4 of my cold and finally seeing some improvement which is good. 

I got my copy of Tetris DS the other day (I think I told you guys) and I just love that game. Its so addictive, especially playing online. Over the two days I've had it, I've already played over 100 online matches and just keep coming back for more, I can seem to put it down. In between schoolwork breaks, if Im not watching TV, you can bet i'll be online with my DS playing Tetris hehe.

Well I got a good response for my idea of audio posts, but after thinking about it for a few days, I'm not quite sure if it would be a feasible idea. Sure, the idea sounded great, but when i go back to uni i have enough trouble getting in my regular written posts, and having to record some audio each day, can't see it happening too often thats all. Maybe if the demand is high enough, I could put out a clip or two whenever I have some free time if you guys really want to listen to me lol. Either way, I'll still be keeping up on my regular posts, don't you worry about that.

Watch out for tomorrow's post, I'll be writing some new and interesting stuff on fat seeking lasers to be precise lol. Thanks guys, have a great day.

Blog in Audio Form?

Hey everybody, had a great idea come over me last night…what do you think? As well as writing my daily (well bi-daily) posts on my blog, I was also thinking about doing short 'audio-blog's for each post which has myself commenting on my post, and adding a little extra information and so on. It will be a fairly small download (2-3MB max) and will go for around 5 mins or so.

If I decide to 'audio-fy' each written post it will be made avaliable hopefully that same day via a link on the post. I will also add a new category on my blog also for you guys to easily find each 'podcast' of each post.

If you think its a good idea, feel free to either email me (see contacts page) or just comment this post. Much appreciated. It might just turn out to be a total pain in the ass having to record audio clips each day (busy enough as it is), but we shall see. Who knows…next time your visiting my blog, you could be listening to me instead!

Hey, I have an idea. Let’s do that!

Well I hadn't played Gran Turismo in a hell of a long time, but decided to pick it up again and to my suprise, I ended up finishing the game. I was really stuck on a race for months, then I finally finished it, then the rest was a piece of cake (essentially, after hrs and hrs). But finally did it, there's something special that overcome's you when your sitting there watching the end credits and end cutscene of GT4. You feel like you have just proven yourself worthy to be inducted in the elusive club of players who have actually managed to finish the game to its fullest. So much to do in that game. I must admit, i haven't done absolutely everything in the game, dont have all the cars yet, but i've finished all the races but will take a hell of a long time to get a 100% completion.

Here are a few pics of the Grand Valley 300km Endurance race I played last night.


So I'm still sick unfortunately, but i'm really counting on getting better over the next day or two hopefully. Im on holidays from uni at the moment so don't really wanna be sick for the whole break, don't wanna be stuck doing schoolwork all the break.

So thats about it from me for now, something a little more interesting to talk about will hopefully come up. Maybe I can think up something to talk about for next post, something insightful for you guys. I am home most of the day at the moment i suppose and sick so not really doing much. Until next time…seeya guys.

Sipping on lemon tea, how crap can life be?

It is Sunday morning (last day of uni was friday) and technically haven't even started my mid-semester break and I have been struck down with a cold.

I woke up this morning and to my horror, I had the worst sore throat I've had in ages. I got up and thought if all I have today is a sore throat, I guess I'm not doing too bad I suppose, but no I was wrong. A few hours later, the rest of it started…headaches, runny nose and the throat continues to totally piss me off. Oh how it sucks, about to start my break then I get a cold.

Hopefully it only lasts a few days cos I don't wanna be stuck at home for the whole 2 weeks. Sure, being at home will give me time to work on the mountanous pile of assignments and exam study I have (App.Statistics exam when i get back), but I really wanted to go out and stuff at least some of the time on the break. I'm not a machine right, we all need time to go wild right?

So I'm sitting here at my computer here in my room, sipping on lemon tea, trying to get started on an essay I have to write for my Operating Systems class. The topic is: "Operating Systems have two main functions. The first is to provide resource abstraction and the second is to manage resource sharing." Sounds like fun huh! lol. I'm confident I'll be able to get it done in about a week or so. It's supposed to be between 3,000 – 3,500 words which isn't too bad I guess, just gotta get on it.

Tomorrow I should get my copy of Tetris DS in the mail (import from the US) which will be good. Heidi: I agree with you that the 'shadow' of the blocks on the bottom of the screen makes it seem a little too easy, and defeats the purpose right. We shall see tomorrow what the reality is, if it really makes a big difference, but i'll let you know how it goes. I know you were thinking about getting this game, I have no doubt most modes will still be fun to play, but i'll let you know.

yesterday I did a little shopping for new clothes. Winter is fast approaching and really needed some more 'cold weather' clothes. I bought two new pairs of jeans (i love them, they are really cool) and a few jumpers. Over the summer, I've more or less just been wearing alot of shorts and t-shirts and stuff so it was good to go out and pick up a few new things for the colder months.

That's about it for now, pretty boring at the moment, sucks being sick and schoolwork is piling up, but I'll leave you all with a few fry quotes I found funny from one of my favourite TV shows Futurama: (fry is the greatest character ever)

"People said I was dumb, but I proved them."
"Full price for gum?! That dog won't hunt, Monsignor."
"No, I'm …doesn't!"
"Ugh, it's like there's a party in my mouth and everyone's throwing up."
"Its just like the story of the grasshopper and the octopus. All year long the grasshopper kept burying acorns for winter while the octopus mooched off his girlfriend and watched TV. Then the winter came, and the grasshopper died, and the octopus ate all his acorns and also he got a racecar. Is any of this getting through to you?"
"Crazy theories one, regular theories a billion."
"But existing is basically all I do!"
"Whoa! Letters like 'u' and 'r' can mean words like 'you' and 'are'!"
"That's not why people watch TV. Clever things make people feel stupid and unexpected things make them feel scared."
"Magic. Got it."
"It's like that drug trip in that movie I saw when I was on that drug trip."
"This show's been going downhill since season three."
"Leela, there's nothing wrong with anything."
"Words. Nothing but sweet, sweet words that turn into bitter orange wax in my ears."
"Valentine's Day's coming? Aw crap! I forgot to get a girlfriend again!"
"I did do the nasty in the past-y."
"I can't wait until I'm old enough to feel ways about stuff."
"My folks were always on me to groom myself and wear underpants. What am I, the pope?"
"This is the best movie I've ever seen. It has a vampire and an explosion!"
"Hey, I have an idea. Let's do that!"

What’s happening in my world today?

Well, lets start with yesterday shall we. I had a mid-semester math exam for uni @ 2pm and boy was that a fun filled exam. Its only a mid-semester exam worth 20% of the final or something, but it was damn near impossible. It consisted of only 4 questions (but considering each one is complex in its own right and we only had an hr to do them), I am pretty sure I got question 3 all right, but looking back on it I think I kinda stuffed up a small part of Q1 (prob get 1/2 marks) stuffed half of Q2 (i think, time will tell) and Q4 covered topics that weren't even suppose to be in the exam. So all in all you could say I had an eventful day yesterday at school.

Today, i came across this really cool website called Questionville. Questionville was derrived from the very popular site (different authors though) using similar ideas to convey their information, but taken to a whole new level.

Members of QuestionVille can submit questions. When a question is submitted other members can then submit answers to that question. As new answers are submitted members can pick the best ones. As each answer gains more picks it gets moved to the top of the list, and the #1 Answer naturally bubbles to the top. If someone has already submitted an answer but you would like to recommend a slightly different approach or point something out you can add notes to that specific answer.

Its a really good idea and a great way to get those answers to questions that are hard to find. You could use it during your study time and ask something you don't quite understand, or just ask a more generalized question about the world, politics, current affairs, whatever.

So I've been good anyhow, this week is my final week of uni then I get a mid-semester break of 2 WEEKS! How awsome is that. I was originally thinking I would be getting like 4 days or so over the Easter long weekend, but turns out to be 2 whole weeks which is great, I'm not complaining.

I wanna send a big thanks to everyone who has visited my blog over the last few days of craziness with the change of format, but looks like the new idea has totally taken off. Instead of a technology centric blog, this new 'more personal' blog where I can talk about whatever the hell i want, whenever i want seems to be what people want to read about, and not really technology news, which i'm fine with.

Just glad to see people are taking a real shine to the new blog and I'll keep the posts coming, don't you worry about that.

I'm trying to add a little more diversity into the posts also talking about all different areas so If anybody has any ideas, please post your comments and let me know. I'd be happy to write about something of interest to the masses lol :).

Well, that it for me today guys, enjoy and until next time…