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Monday TechQuestions #15

Just a quick note on MTQ:#15

Sorry for the inconsistency of Monday Tech Questions this last week or so, but as you already know, been really busy getting the school semester off to a start. Don’t fear though, I’m currently writing #15 right now and if you’ve ever had problems with Microsoft Office such as crashes, unexplained errors to its just doing something you didn’t think it should be doing, then you’ll find this interesting. Stay tuned (Monday 6th March).

Monday TechQuestions #14

Well another week, another round of questions.

Just a quick question. Just wondering what your opinion is on why flickr (online photo sharing site) hasn’t gotten into online video like such sites as YouTube? What do you think?

Well thanks for your curiosity on what I think. Flickr is an interesting site and have really done a great job with the idea of online photo sharing. Flickr has become quite widely used, but the idea of why they haven’t decided to include video into their site has floated around the net for a while. Im not really sure why they haven’t implemented a video section to the site like other sites, but they are doing probably the best job regarding photos anywhere online at the moment i believe.

Im not an expert on business, but maybe they will think about it and decide about it in the future.

Thanks guys.