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Facebook VS MySpace – Need I Say More

The popularity increase of MySpace has basically halted, with no more (or less) new users than this time last year, with no obvious fluctuations during the year either. Facebook on the other hand has seen 2.5x increase in new users since March 08, which is testament to the sites creativity, diversity and overall ease of use compared to MySpace (which many really don’t like anymore).


Twitter And Facebook Junkie? Check Out TweetDeck

Tweetdeck is a desktop application that runs on Mac OSX and Windows and works like a dashboard into your twitter and Facebook accounts so you can see at a glance what you’re friends are up to, who’s commented or responded to you, etc represented visually.

TweetDeck is your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more.

TweetDeck shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organised and up to date.

tweetdeck_notifyThe application runs in your system tray also (kind of like instant messenger clients) and gives you notifications on screen as updates happen in real time. Replies to posts you’ve made, any new friend requests and things like that you’re instantly notified. Very useful if you’re a Twitter/Facebook junkie!

Very cool software, and is definitely worth checking out.

New Australian High-Speed Broadband Network

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced today that the Australian government would go ahead and build the countries largest high-speed broadband network providing speeds of up to 100mbit to 90% of the country. Many commentators and industry figures saw the decision as bringing an end to Telstra’s monopoly of telecommunications infrastructure.

The big deal is that the Australian government will be the largest stakeholder in the network owning 51% of it, the remaining 49% will be owned by basically anyone who wants a piece of the action. The government will make available bonds to the public/private sector and even to private residents (similarly to what Telstra did about 10 years ago).

By 2011, most Australian’s will already have access to a 100 megabit per second connection via a variety of technologies, while the Government will only be one year into the (network) rollout Source: Duncan Riley

This new broadband network is due to be rolled out across Tasmania this year but the rest of the country won’t have access to the network until it is completed in 2017 (est. 7-8yrs).

That’s a long wait, but it should give us a lot of flexibility to increase speeds quite easily once better technology comes along (and by 2017 that will probably be the case) and will shoot Australia into the top 10 nations in the world with one of the fastest (and largest) broadband networks. – Streamy’s: Neil Patrick Harris

For a great Web 2.0 (and Apple fan-girl blog), be sure to check out Justine Ezarik’s blog “Tasty Blog Snack”. It’s a good one stop shop for any apple fans out there, and she does her own YouTube videos too.

She’s really into online video/sharing and attended this year’s “Streamy’s” awards. She managed to stop NPH in the hallway just after he won too!

lol, go NPH!

I’m On Twitter

If you’re ever on twitter and want to follow me to see what I’ve been up to, or what I’m doing you can add me:

If you’re not on twitter but are still curious to see what I’ve been up to, you can just stop by here on my blog. My Twitter updates are displayed to the right of the page just below the site’s most popular posts.

mytwitter Twitter differs from other social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace by its simplicity in finding what people are doing, and following others you may be interested in without having to wait for friend requests, etc. Twitter doesn’t use the ‘friends’ concept, but you can search for anybody you like (even celebrities) and just “follow” their tweets to see what they’ve been up to.

For example, I’m following Jimmy Fallon. He likes to update his followers on what’s coming up on his show and stuff he finds during the day that interests him, I follow Heidi Montag (from the Hills) and she updates her followers on what’s happened on the set of her show, etc.

Interesting new concept, so I thought I’d get on that bandwagon.

Social Networking Is Out Of Control

You know what I mean right? These days a lot of us practically live on the internet updating this and posting on that. We’ve got Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Flickr, the list goes on.

How many of you have accounts on at least 3 of these services? I know I do, but how are we all supposed to keep up with everything? We’ve got our day jobs to do, then we come home and update our status on facebook, meet new people on myspace, upload a few videos to YouTube, share some photos on flickr and post a few articles on our blogs…not to mention share with the world what we’re doing DURING the day on twitter!

In Australia at least, most people are really into Facebook at the moment so that makes things a little easier. At least I’ll know where all my friends will be if I want to catch up with them and see what they’ve been doing, and that’s what social networking is great for. But what are we all to do with these other services? Does everyone feel the need to make sure EVERY service they have an account on is always updated or do people merely just migrate towards one or two services only?

What made me start thinking about this? Well, I was interested in starting an account on twitter to see what all the fuss was. Twitter has been around for a little while now, but its one of the only social networking sites I haven’t dropped everything for and run straight to…probably because Facebook is servicing much of my needs at the moment.

I guess the question is, why move and keep creating new accounts on new services? It just means you’ve got more and more to keep updating online.

What do you guys do? How many social networking sites do you use? I’m just going to stick with Facebook for now, but many people on Facebook have really hated the recent changes so who knows, maybe we’ll all be jumping ship sooner than later?

Facebook’s Recent Changes: Mistaken Identity?


Most of you who use Facebook will know what I’m talking about when I say, “What happened to Facebook”?

This past week, Facebook has made some significant changes not only to the homepage, but to most of the site. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, check out Peter X. Deng’s (Facebook engineer) recent blog post on Facebook.

These changes aren’t just cosmetic layout changes either, but some things like the “What are you doing now” bar, changing profile pictures, etc have had their functionality changed quite substantially. One such change in particular caught my eye and that is the old “What are you doing now” bar. This used to be a quick little text area that let you put how you felt in for all to see, and it still is that (kinda).

If you’re familiar with the online service twitter you’ll see where I’m getting at here. The new Facebook status bar is very much like the concept behind twitter. Twitter gives you the ability to quickly share with your friends and family what you’re currently doing, what you’re feeling, where you currently are, what you’re eating (the list goes on).

It looks too much like Facebook trying to ‘steal’ the concept behind twitter for their own use, but adapting it just enough to be slightly different. Twitter lets you share videos, links, photos, etc all via the little “status” bar. Now amazingly, Facebook lets you do exactly the same thing.

C’mon Facebook, what are you doing? You got popular to begin with because you were so different from anything else out there…don’t steal ideas from others and make them your own…we all know what happens to companies who do that (Microsoft…).

Here’s a great YouTube clip from SomeGreyBloke on what Facebook used to be.

Let me know what you think guys!

Want To Download YouTube Videos? KeepVid Of Course!


Have you ever found yourself wondering why YouTube don’t give you an option to download those clips you just want to watch over and over? Well, have solved this problem. If you find a great video clip you want to save to your computer, all you have to do is copy the URL of the clip into the homepage at KeepVid, then hit download. Simple as that.

Why keep having to stream the video clips you watch often using your precious bandwidth when you can just download them once and that’s that.

I was using this site quite a lot a year or so ago. I wanted to be able to take my favourite YouTube clips with me on the train. By downloading them as Mpeg4 video files, I was able to add them into my iTunes library and sync them with my iPod to watch wherever I go.

IE 8: Faster, Better Than Anything Else?

While browsers like Firefox and Safari gain more and more momentum in the market still dominated by Internet Explorer, Microsoft have been completely going the other way loosing as much ground as they’ve managed to obtain over their 10 year browser reign.

Microsoft will be launching their new browser Internet Explorer 8 very soon, and they are trumpeting it to be faster and more powerful than their competitors browsers could ever be! Even if by some miracle Microsoft develop a browser that is faster and more powerful than Firefox, their image has become so tainted by poor performance that they will be hard pressed to convert loyal Mozilla fans.

Internet Explorer lost much of its ground to Mozilla as the browser didn’t provide functionality to extend the browsers usefulness as Firefox did with add-ins, IE didn’t do a good enough job at rendering web pages quickly enough and IE has always been too clunky and memory hungry for most users, over Firefox which is significantly less memory intensive (especially with their latest revision 5.05).

A big part of the performance leaps Firefox has over IE is its very effective JavaScript Engine. As more and more websites are utilizing JavaScript for their dynamic page content web sites have been taking longer and longer to load and to accommodate this many browsers have made significant revisions to the way they process Java code in their browser. Mozilla has always been refining this technology in their browser with each revision, but Microsoft haven’t made a significant update to their JavaScript engine in years.

Microsoft are hoping to change all that with IE 8 but as I mentioned before, by the time IE 8 ships mid year, Mozilla probably would have released yet another version of their popular browser sucking away more and more market share from Microsoft making it difficult for MS to keep whatever market share they currently have.

Youtube Is Full Of “Read The Hardware Specs” Videos

There are so many videos people create on Youtube and the likes of just basically reading hardware specifications straight off the spec-sheet for a product.

Whether you’re reviewing a laptop, new music player, mobile phone, HDTV, etc all people seem to do is just read off a list of specs, say what the product is and if they personally like it or not. Most of the time the person doing the video sounds like they don’t even know the product they’re trying to review. When they read the spec-sheet they don’t even know what half of the stuff they’re reading is!

I’ve seen countless videos where the reviewer would be like:

“This <insert product name here> has a:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • Some RAM….1,2GB i think
  • Super fast video card GoForce (GeForce) 8800 something….

Number one, its not very professional and two, you look like a dumb ass when you’re reading something you know NOTHING about!

In the interests of keeping the subjects of my rants anonymous I won’t post their STUPID videos here, but I’ve left comments on their videos….you know who you are!