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Thanks for 2012 and Happy Holidays!

christmas_bannerI just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks for all the support I’ve received on the site over the last 12 months, the emails and comments I’ve had have been awesome thanks to you guys. I hope everyone has a great and safe holiday and new year and all the best for 2013!

I hope to do more on the site and expand in the new year so remember to subscribe, rate, comment my content it really helps and makes it all worth it in the end. Here are a few of my favourite posts over the last year:

Enjoy the holidays all!

My Top 3 Holiday Destinations Wish List

Ok, so I really want to take a nice long holiday sometime before June/July, which gives me about 6 months or so to think of places I want to visit. So far I’ve nutted out locations and I’ve come up with a top 3 list of places I’d like to go (in no particular order):

  • Los Angeles – United States
  • Thailand
  • British Columbia – Canada

Los Angeles:

LA would be great to visit around June. The weather would be quite nice and (being an avid gamer) the E3 expo will be on from June 7-9. I’d also love to check out a LA Lakers NBA game, that’s something I absolutely have to do if I go to LA.

thailand Thailand:

Now, Thailand is one of those places that I’ve never been, but have heard so much about. Friends keep telling me that I absolutely have to go and check out Thailand. From what I’ve seen it looks like a pretty amazing place, and much different as well which is part of the excitement of travelling abroad when going on vacation. I’ll have to scout some locations in Thailand before I make a decision.

British_Columbia British Columbia:

I’ve seen a about Vancouver on television, in travel books and magazines and from what people tell me its an amazing place to visit and the people are really friendly. I’d have to take a look around Victoria, head over to Vancouver then if I’m up to it, maybe take a few days and travel down the north-west coast of the US passing through Seattle, etc. Isn’t Niagara falls close by?

I still have a bit of time to make up my mind anyway, Anyone have any other good holiday ideas?

Anyone Seen The 12 Apostles? Amazing!

Yep, I went to visit the 12 Apostles yesterday, taken a nice drive down the great ocean road. For those of you who have no clue what i’m talking about, the 12 Apostles are an amazing natural occurrence of limestone rock from the coastline that has eroded away over millions of years to leave behind 12 (well make that 11 now) 150ft high “apostles” in the sea.

I took some video which I posted to my YouTube channel of the time at the viewing areas overlooking the apostles. They were pretty amazing. Have seen them heaps on TV and in print, but never so close and in person. Well worth the drive to check this out!

Amazing stuff!

Top Gear Live Trip: Sydney Day 3

Well, the last day of my Sydney trip was pretty great. We did quite a lot of sightseeing and really just taking it easy before our flight back home. Here are some of the photos:

There were a few photos I took of cars and stuff at Top Gear Live I forgot to include in yesterday’s album so they’re in this one instead. It was a great few days in Sydney we’ll have to go back to check out the new harbor cruises and stuff we just didn’t get time to go on.

Top Gear Live Trip: Sydney Day 2

Well guys, Top Gear Live was pretty awesome. As promised, here are some pics I took of the occasion:


Unfortunately there was no photography allowed so I was kind of limited to what I could actually shoot (on my camera phone, apologies for the poor quality it was kinda dark). Look out tomorrow I’ll post some more general photos of the rest of my trip to Sydney.

Once we finished up at Acer Arena we caught the train back to the Sydney CBD (oh that was fun, gotta love Sydney’s public transport, although it was better than Melbourne’s lol). I did some sightseeing and stuff like that and showed Aubree around the town which was nice :).

Apologies for the smaller than usual post, my plane was delayed by 6 hours so I’m back in Melbourne a lot later than planned so I’m kinda tired but be sure to check out tomorrow’s post I’ll be a bit more awake then 🙂

Apple Store Sydney

I really wanted to go check out Apple’s new retail store in George street during my stay in Sydney. There was no better time to check it out and the building looks amazing!



It’s just too bad I couldn’t take any shots from inside the store. There are security guards all over the place and didn’t really feel like getting kicked out, especially on the hot day it was!

Top Gear Live Trip: Sydney – Day 1

06022009126Well I’ve arrived at the Swissotel hotel this morning in Sydney as I’m here this weekend to see the Top Gear Live show at Acer Arena as I mentioned in “Top Gear Live Sydney – February 7th 2009” 

So last time I was in Sydney I stayed at the Four Seasons which is really nice, better than the Swissotel but where I am this weekend is still good. Here’s some pictures of my room:

Its nice with some nice views and internet access is fast and we all love that don’t we!

me_workingSo today on the agenda I think we’ll just take it easy for a while this morning, and we’ll go take a look around Sydney later this afternoon. Aubree (my girlfriend for the uninitiated) has never been to Sydney before so it will be a good chance to do some touristy stuff like check out the Opera House, take a ride on the monorail, check out Darling Harbor and the Harbor bridge and I really want to show her Circular Quay and maybe the top of Centerpoint Tower. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll definitely be going on the harbor cruise. I went on that on my first visit to Sydney and it’s a great way to get familiar with the city.

Obviously, If I take any photos you’ll be the first to see them here!

The Top Gear Live show isn’t until tomorrow (Saturday) morning so I’ll let you know how that all goes in a post tomorrow along with many many photos of course 🙂

Thanks guys, I’ll check back in soon!