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Why is Marijuana Illegal? – Should It Be Legalized?

Marijuana is always a much talked about subject, and ever since the United States government had gotten interested in the possibility of legalizing it in their country the discussion on this drug has increased by a factor onto itself!

Why was Marijuana illegalized in the first place?

  • Racism
    Protection of Corporate Profits
    Yellow Journalism
    Ignorant, Incompetent, and/or Corrupt Legislators
    Personal Career Advancement and Greed


Many people think Marijuana was illegalized simply because of medical studies proving its an unhealthy drug which should be outlawed, or even the fact that its just something that most governments around the world (except for the Netherlands – go Amsterdam!) have wanted to heavily control. There is no doubt in some uses of the drug it is definitely bad for your health, primarily if you smoke it as lung damage can be seen similarly to a cigarette smoker, but usually a lot worse.

Is Marijuana a harmful drug? Perhaps, but cannabis has been proven to provide many medical benefits to patients of experiencing unexplained nausea and vomiting and some with anorexia, and weight loss.

What do you think? The US are currently in debate on this one wether or not to legalize it. What would happen if it does become legal? What are the social implications of legalizing it? Would it help the world’s economy (wishful thinking), would it really be that bad? I don’t know.

Life In The Fats Lane

What are we all supposed to do? That’s the question of this century when it comes to our health.

overweightA lot of us live a fast existence. We work for the majority of the day, we come home and the last thing we want to do is slave away in the kitchen for an hour or two cooking dinner. It doesn’t sound like much, just get in the kitchen and cook something decent, but the truth is…we’re a lazy bunch of people these days.

When you come home from work, you just want to lay down and watch TV, surf the web, read a book, listen to music.

The last thing on our minds is…what’s my waistline going to think of this?

That is the question though, what are we supposed to do? Go to the gym? Go for a run? Unfortunately that’s easier said than done.

I myself try to get our for some exercise at least a couple times a week, and most weeks I do but what about the weeks that I don’t. That seems to be where most of the changes are made to your body. You’re still sucking down the same amount of food as you did the week before, only this week you’re not doing anything to burn it.

More and more people die from heart disease and other problems caused by being overweight these days than any other reason. This alone doesn’t seem to be enough to motivate us so what can? Anti-smoking ad campaigns don’t seem to be reducing the number of smokers in this country and they basically use the same tactics. The advertisements telling you to quit because it will kill you has the same effect as if you were overweight and somebody told you to start eating healthily or else you will die. It makes you want to quit, but do people actually quit…no!

The truth of the matter is, that when we come home from work after a long and busy day and even more so these days with the economy in such a slump…people are making cutbacks, and they’re making cutbacks maybe not the best places.

More and more people are opting for take-away foods. Reason being: It’s cheap! Its much cheaper to say get a meal at McDonalds every night these days than actually do a grocery shop for decent food! Many places these days sell fruit and vegetables in pre-packed bags to make it easier for us to select healthier foods and some of us actually buy these (myself included). Its convenient, its better for you than take-away but how come the number of overweight or obese people increases?

You know what I think? I’m guessing you do because you’ve read this far down the page. I think most of the problem is a mental one. Maybe not a genetic one, but a mental one. Personally I’m stuck in my ways, I get home from work and I sit around because I’m too lazy to get up and exercise. If I can break the habit and exercise every night after work instead of sitting around, I’d start to see some changes in my body I bet! I wouldn’t call myself overweight just yet, but If I keep doing what I’m doing I’ll be there and it will be harder and harder to turn back.

Is there anything we can do to change the way our society views health and being overweight? Its more dangerous than people think!

An insight into hangovers

Hangovers! Most of us have experienced the call of satan the next morning, relentlessly pounding on our heads with no end in sight. While you were having too much fun the night before you weren’t really worried about the aftermath that follows, but now its hit, how can you deal with a hangover?

alcohol_bottles.gifThe obvious solution to hangover prevention is to simply avoid drinking any alcohol all together, but if you decided to pop the keg last night, you might be interested to know a little something about dealing with the mess the next morning.

Hangovers…what the hell?

A Hangover is your body’s sick way of telling you that you drank too much alcohol last night and the culprit with probably cause…dehydration. When you drink, your body looses valuable vitimins and minerals and dehydration definately plays a part in that splitting headache we often see. I’ve heard many friends of mine swear by a berocca before and after drinking to ease the pain the next morning. Berocca contains many of these vitimins and minerals that are lost and thereby reducing the obvious effects of a hangover.

Hangover myths & stories:
Different people will tell you all different stories as to how to reduce the chances / effects of a hangover and one I hear often is eating before drinking. Drinking on an empty stomache means that the alcohol that is being thrown into your body will be absorbed much quicker than if you had eaten previously.

Another one is not to mix your drinks. I’ll also agree with this one too. I heard a good analogy to this myth and it went something like this:

“You wouldn’t mix different kinds of non-alcoholic beverages all night long without expecting to get sick to your stomach, right? Think about it!…You wouldn’t drink a glass of orange juice then guzzle a carton of chocolate milk and top it off with some cherry soda and a strawberry shake!!! The sick feeling you can imagine getting from mixing those unlikely drinks is similar to what happens the morning after you spend a whole night guzzling bear, wine, vodka, and a zillion other concoctions!”


One thing about hangover’s that I hear very often is that becuase your body dehydrates very quickly when drinking alcohol, the fastest way to the road to recovery is to rehydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water. This will flush any remaining alcohol out of your system. Also drinking fruit juice, sports drinks, and even soft drinks can help make you feel a bit better. The sugars found in those drinks will give you a quick source of energy needed to feel a tad bit better at least, plenty of rest is helpful and if you can eat something, that should get your body back on track.

Yep, damn hangovers! We all hate them. It would be great if there was some magical pill we could take that would cure them, but I don’t really think there is a ‘hangover cure’ at all, you just need to try different things and see what works for you.

Dealing with depression, there’s no quick fix

Everybody has had days where they’ve felt a little ‘blue’, but when it goes a little further than just being ‘down in the dumps’, things start becoming a little more serious.

depression.jpgI myself suffered from depression (past tense, not anymore) and I know how tough it can be, with the feeling of emptiness in your life, feeling like your not going anywhere with anything permeates your seemingly shattered life. It is hard, but you can turn it around, you just need to want to do it.

In teenagers, depression rates on average at the moment are around 4 in every 100, and with adults, that rate is higher again. Depression is almost used as a buzz word or excuse these days for a sudden downturn in mood, loss of productivity at work, or if your social life has recently taken a hit. But, what exactly is depression, what are the signs and how can you deal with it?

What is depression?

Depression is a mental state of mood categorized by a vast amounts of different feelings such as sadness, despair, discouragement, anger, lonliness and frustration. Depression can range from normal every days feelings of simply being down through to more major forms of depression or eventual manic depression in its more serious form. Low self esteem, grief, mourning, guilt, withdrawl are all feelings (that i’ve experienced in my time with depression anyway).

Signs that you are depressed:
You are clinically depressed if you show the following signs of depression (in any form):

  • You feel sad or cry a lot and it doesn’t go away.
  • You feel guilty for no real reason.
  • You feel like you’re no good. Life seems meaningless.
  • You don’t feel like doing the things you used to.
  • It’s hard to make up your mind.
  • You forget lots of things, and it’s hard to concentrate.
  • Little things make you lose your temper. You overreact.
  • You start sleeping a lot more, or you have trouble falling asleep at night. Or you wake up really early most mornings and can’t get back to sleep.
  • Your eating pattern changes. You’ve lost your appetite or you eat a lot more.
  • You feel restless or tired most of the time.
  • You think about death, or have thoughts about committing suicide.

This information is freely avaliable from many depression and mental health organisations and clinics. I am by no means a doctor or psychologist, but these obviously do make sense.

How can you deal with it, or how can you help a friend who is depressed?

I know when i was depressed, it was a tough time in my life. I exibited many of the above characteristics and feelings such as loss of apetite, hard to make up my mind, loss of temper and overreaction and feeling sad without those feelings going away. I knew i had to get on top of it, and after a while, I found a select few (1-2, very few) people closest to me who are great friends of mine and simply talking things over with them really helped me out alot. When you are feeling depressed, just letting your feelings bottle up inside just made me feel worse, and talking a few things over with your closest friends does really help.

I know / have known a few people who are going through similar things, and I know people right now who are feeling depressed. It is hard to try and help somebody who is depressed, dealing with huge amounts of negativity is always tough, but for that person who is dealing with a tough time, they may not show it, but you being there for them is something that they truely do appreciate and hold dear.

If you or a friend is depressed and is quite serious (or no matter the level of depression) the best thing to do is for you/them to see a trained professional. A doctor or psychiatrist can help you through things and possibly prescribe medications that can help with the physical aspects of depression and get you on a schedule to your road to recovery.

There is no quick fix to recover from depression, but the people closest to you are there to help, and you should use them to springboard your feelings off onto.

To my friend dealing with depression right now, hang in there, things will get better soon.