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Naomi Kyle – Puts the ‘I’ncredibly ‘G’orgeous into

Gamers in general are associated with many (mostly negative) stereotypes but of all places it’s the gamer girls in the world that are slowly giving gamers and gaming in general more credibility and possibly even making gaming cool?

A former model who’s always had a passion (or even obsession) for gaming is Naomi Kyle, host of’s video productions including the popular show ‘The daily fix’.

Born in the small town of Ste-Agathe-Des-Monts, Quebec, Naomi grew up with two younger brothers and a strong inclination for the arts. Whether it was singing or performing mock TV shows in front of her parents, it seemed entertainment would no doubt be her future calling. Throughout her high school days, Naomi was never one of the popular kids, so she instead found herself playing lots of video games and indulging in sci-fi/fantasy movies in her spare time. Little did she know that this would lead her to a wonderful, future career. – Source:

Naomi started her modelling career shortly after high school and quickly became involved with many high profile advertising campaigns such as work for Adidas, Guess, Virgin mobile and many others.

She then became the host of the Gameloft podcast and since then, hosts a number of video productions for IGN & She frequently attends gaming shows and plays A LOT of games.

A powerful and positive role model for girl gamers everywhere and is helping to solidify the growing popularity of gaming in the mainstream.

For more on Naomi Kyle:!/naomikyle

Megan Fox: What It Must Be Like To Be That Bike!


Quite possibly one of the best things to come from the 2nd offering of Transformers is this scene with Megan Fox on a bike. I think she’s trying to get off on it (excuse the pun) or cleaning it or something…who knows, who really cares I guess.

My previous post (Transformers 2 Reviews – Roger Ebert and Most Other Critics Hate it!) I discussed the seeming lack of interest in this film after reading Roger Ebert’s scathing review of the film. I really hope the film is better than what has been reviewed of it so far. Most will probably be happy if they just see Megan doing stuff like this on film for 2hrs I suppose but I was such a fan of the first film (excluding the 80’s animated film – I’m talking the 2007 film) I have high hopes for the 2nd.