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New name for JTB – any ideas?


Hey guys, I’ve been thinking of changing the format of the blog. I’ll still talk about technology but I figure there’s alot of cool stuff around on the net these days and being able to post some of that for all to see would be kinda cool. General topics and chatter on whatever will be the focus instead of exclusively devoting all my posts to technology related news.

Anyone with and ideas I emplore you to post whatever your thinking in the comments, I can’t seem to think of a good name for the blog, but any suggestions or ideas will be great.

I love this bear (above), found it around somewhere (good old google image search). Its stuff like this which has motivated me to expand my thinking and ideas for the blog.

Thanks guys, looking forward to hearing your suggestions. Don’t be shy, that’s what comments are for right?

Manager of the Year – Funny


I came across this somewhere on the net and thought it was kinda funny. How stupid are some people, im sure he would have realized that the mouse wasn’t moving on the screen and when you think of that, wouldn’t you go investigate? Ahh, who knows, obviously not this guy.

A blast from the past

Dell Latitude XPi P100SD

Friend of mine came around with this dell laptop and I just couldn’t believe it. This computer would have been manufactured just after the introduction of windows 95 running an Intel Pentium 100mhz cpu, 16mb ram and a massive 800mb hard disk.

It has a cd-rom pcmcia interface card, but kinda useless with no cd-rom to back it and that makes re-installing windows practically impossible. I had it dropped off to me to see what I could do with it, if it was even possible for a fresh copy of windows 95 to be installed, but without the cd-rom its more or less useless.

I suppose I could try removing the hard drive and install windows straight to the disk on another PC, but I guess i’ll need to look around for a 2.5″ to 3.5″ IDE adapter to do that.

It’s an interesting dilema and one that I don’t face very often with my experience with computers, but an interesting piece of computing memorabilia (if ur into pre-windows 95 machines, good old dos days).