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Canned Oxygen the next Bottled Water?

The emergence of another possible billion dollar business, based on bottling and selling a free, natural commodity. Bottled water has become a $9 billion dollar industry in the US alone, and distributors look to repeat this success with canned, flavoured oxygen.

If you are one of those people who practically live off energy drinks and sports drinks such as gatorade (myself included) this could be the next product to keep you alert and feeling like a million bucks. Sure, the whole concept of bottling air sounds a little ridiculous, but read through the article, the author does make a great argument. I can see how something like this could appeal to the public, just as bottled water did.

The very idea of having oxygen bars in the future is such a funny thought, but I can see its broad marketing appeal. This is such an interesting concept, be sure to check out the link below to read the entire article.

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All men have is 30 seconds with women

Results from a recent study undertaken by Professor Richard Wiseman of Hertfordshire University suggest that men aren't so shallow and judging of women after all, it is in fact quite the opposite.

Half of women who took part in a recent study of dating and relationship interaction were found to have made up their minds within the first 30 seconds of meeting a man and whether he is 'potential' boyfriend material or not. There are a few conclusions that can be drawn from this study and one is that the initial 'pick-up line' a guy uses is more important than ever, and from the woman's eye, first impressions definately last.

So, if opening lines are so important, then what were the most successful lines of the study? Well opening introductions which were successful always involved getting the woman to talk about what interests her, and what she likes to do. Conversational topics were important also. Less of the sample subjects found success talking about films, television and music, with the most successful topic being travel. Travel seems to be the topic of interest for both parties that really seems to attract women more than any other for some strange reason.

"The study also found that women were twice as picky as the men".

Now I know there are females reading this right now thinking, "hang on a minute, im not like that at all, you've got the whole idea of women all wrong". Well, that might be true. Obviously some (not all) women aren't this shallow at all and tend to go about dating in a whole different manner, I totally agree with you 100%. So maybe take this information to heart whatever woman you are, and cut guys a little slack when your out on the town. Its hard trying to impress a dog in 30 seconds let alone trying to impress a woman in that time.

I didn't conduct this study, so I don't have any hard statistics or data on the subject, but I did find this article quite interesting and gives you another look at what women are really thinking.

So guys, when your girlfriend of female friends tell you that your being too shallow or too judgemental, just reffer them to this article and let them read it for themselves. An interesting look I thought.

Mid-semester break

Well guys, It is finally the middle of the semester and you know what time that means…Mid-semester break, yay! I have 2 weeks off which is going to be great. I have a chance to catch up with some work in various subjects and best of all, get to go out more than I have been.

Unfortunately, I have quite a bit of schoolwork to do over this break (2 assignments, an essay and exam study for my app.statistics class) but i'm just glad I don't have any classes to attend. so great.

The last few nights, I have been going crazy on DVD's. At the start of the week I felt the urge to rapidly expand my DVD collection, so on that impulse, I went out and bought 5-6 or so to watch over the break in between going out and study of course. So i have just been watching DVD's alot, last night I was watching SAW which was pretty good. I was going to go see it at the movies when it came out but didnt get around to seeing it, so was good to watch it. Reservoir dogs is another great movie I picked up, Quentin Tarantino does a great job at both directing and writing the film. Tonight I might watch Ladder 49 I think. I saw it at the movies (would have been like a yr ago now) but still a good film.

Heidi, you will be interested to know that I have finally gotten around to ordering in Tetris DS and I should have it by Monday or so which will be great. I think that game will be so fun with its new game modes and espeically online play. Anybody who has a Nintendo DS and are thinking about this game, I would recommend getting it if you got as addicted to the first tetris as I did (we can play online also :)).

I've been playing alot of PS2 lately also. I have gotten back into playing Gran Turismo 4 recently. I few months back, i was playing it but got stuck on a race I couldn't finish, but now that I have, I've unlocked all sorts of new tournaments so definately not stuck anymore which is good. A few nights ago, i was racing one of the endurance races – Tokyo 120 laps (i think). Was pretty late when I finished it, but racing endurance races in GT4 is nowhere near as boring as it was in GT3. Now you can strategically plan your pit stops, fuel, tire changes and so on so get the most out of the race. I really like the pit animation which takes place when ur pitting in, all your fellow team members quickly swarm around your car, refueling, swaping tires, etc…never gets old watching that.

So thats about all from me, so glad to be on holidays now. Anybody wanna get in touch with me, now is definately the time. I'll be online a whole lot more obviously now that I am @ home and not always at uni. Whenever my computer is on, im always connected to MSN if any of you wanna chat, feel free. Thanks guys, take it easy.

What’s happening in my world today?

Well, lets start with yesterday shall we. I had a mid-semester math exam for uni @ 2pm and boy was that a fun filled exam. Its only a mid-semester exam worth 20% of the final or something, but it was damn near impossible. It consisted of only 4 questions (but considering each one is complex in its own right and we only had an hr to do them), I am pretty sure I got question 3 all right, but looking back on it I think I kinda stuffed up a small part of Q1 (prob get 1/2 marks) stuffed half of Q2 (i think, time will tell) and Q4 covered topics that weren't even suppose to be in the exam. So all in all you could say I had an eventful day yesterday at school.

Today, i came across this really cool website called Questionville. Questionville was derrived from the very popular site (different authors though) using similar ideas to convey their information, but taken to a whole new level.

Members of QuestionVille can submit questions. When a question is submitted other members can then submit answers to that question. As new answers are submitted members can pick the best ones. As each answer gains more picks it gets moved to the top of the list, and the #1 Answer naturally bubbles to the top. If someone has already submitted an answer but you would like to recommend a slightly different approach or point something out you can add notes to that specific answer.

Its a really good idea and a great way to get those answers to questions that are hard to find. You could use it during your study time and ask something you don't quite understand, or just ask a more generalized question about the world, politics, current affairs, whatever.

So I've been good anyhow, this week is my final week of uni then I get a mid-semester break of 2 WEEKS! How awsome is that. I was originally thinking I would be getting like 4 days or so over the Easter long weekend, but turns out to be 2 whole weeks which is great, I'm not complaining.

I wanna send a big thanks to everyone who has visited my blog over the last few days of craziness with the change of format, but looks like the new idea has totally taken off. Instead of a technology centric blog, this new 'more personal' blog where I can talk about whatever the hell i want, whenever i want seems to be what people want to read about, and not really technology news, which i'm fine with.

Just glad to see people are taking a real shine to the new blog and I'll keep the posts coming, don't you worry about that.

I'm trying to add a little more diversity into the posts also talking about all different areas so If anybody has any ideas, please post your comments and let me know. I'd be happy to write about something of interest to the masses lol :).

Well, that it for me today guys, enjoy and until next time…

New name, New Look. The Whole Story arrives!

Justin's Techblog has finally sailed away into the sunset (waves goodbye, wipes a tear) off to explore uncharted new worlds, new people, and possibly new management. It is safe to say that Justin's Techblog is no more, but there may be plans for the future of the blog, not quite sure yet. I am no longer the author, but the blog may be given away to new management under a new name and new URL. I'll post any new information here as it comes to hand.

Now for my new venture… As one door closes, another one opens right.

Followers of my old blog Justin's Techblog (formerly on tblog) then with a recent move here to wordpress will know that I have been gearing up for a complete change of the format of the blog (hence the move from tblog a few months ago). Well I have been working hard coming up with new ideas, new content and new perspectives to introduce, and now release date has arrived….Welcome, The Whole Story!

I am now the administrator, editor, author, contributor and subscriber to The Whole Story. My new blog is all about bringing you the stories of my life, and indeed the stories of the world.

Not having to be news stories as such, anything even remotely interesting about anything…something funny, something beautiful, something dangerous, something horrible, The Whole Story has you covered. Think of The Whole Story as talk radio in blog form. Mindless chatter (and maybe even a traffic report here and there) 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

More technical hilarity


I just cracked up laughing when I saw this, its so true.  If you’ve never been to you should really check it out. The site has heaps of different pics that are just so funny from all different categories.

One thing I failed to mention in my previous post ‘Fixing Microsoft Word Crashes’ , Monday Tech Questions is no more, phased out indefinately now due to lack of public interest. When MTQ first started out almost 16 weeks ago, I recieved huge feedback for the idea and frequently recieved questions on all sorts of things, but the last few weeks have been quite, so decided to take it out. I want to thank everybody who participated in the segment and thanks for all the question’s I recieved, it was really great while it lasted, but no regrets, was good fun.

If you visit my blog regularly, you would have noticed recently that I have decided to change the format of posts made from a strictly technological standpoint, to a more generalized topical discussion on various things. The last few days posting amazingly funny pics has become my new favourite.

Thanks guys.

New name for JTB – any ideas?


Hey guys, I’ve been thinking of changing the format of the blog. I’ll still talk about technology but I figure there’s alot of cool stuff around on the net these days and being able to post some of that for all to see would be kinda cool. General topics and chatter on whatever will be the focus instead of exclusively devoting all my posts to technology related news.

Anyone with and ideas I emplore you to post whatever your thinking in the comments, I can’t seem to think of a good name for the blog, but any suggestions or ideas will be great.

I love this bear (above), found it around somewhere (good old google image search). Its stuff like this which has motivated me to expand my thinking and ideas for the blog.

Thanks guys, looking forward to hearing your suggestions. Don’t be shy, that’s what comments are for right?

Manager of the Year – Funny


I came across this somewhere on the net and thought it was kinda funny. How stupid are some people, im sure he would have realized that the mouse wasn’t moving on the screen and when you think of that, wouldn’t you go investigate? Ahh, who knows, obviously not this guy.

A blast from the past

Dell Latitude XPi P100SD

Friend of mine came around with this dell laptop and I just couldn’t believe it. This computer would have been manufactured just after the introduction of windows 95 running an Intel Pentium 100mhz cpu, 16mb ram and a massive 800mb hard disk.

It has a cd-rom pcmcia interface card, but kinda useless with no cd-rom to back it and that makes re-installing windows practically impossible. I had it dropped off to me to see what I could do with it, if it was even possible for a fresh copy of windows 95 to be installed, but without the cd-rom its more or less useless.

I suppose I could try removing the hard drive and install windows straight to the disk on another PC, but I guess i’ll need to look around for a 2.5″ to 3.5″ IDE adapter to do that.

It’s an interesting dilema and one that I don’t face very often with my experience with computers, but an interesting piece of computing memorabilia (if ur into pre-windows 95 machines, good old dos days).