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50 Things to do when your bored

Ever found yourself so bored that you’ll start thinking of really crazy stuff to do just to keep yourself occupied? Don’t have any ideas, try some of these:

  1. Wax the ceiling
  2. Rearrange political campaign signs
  3. Sharpen your teeth
  4. Play Houdini with one of your siblings
  5. Braid your dog’s hair
  6. Clean and polish your belly button
  7. Water your dog…see if he grows
  8. Wash a tree
  9. Knight yourself
  10. Name your child Edsel
  11. Scare Stephen King
  12. Give your cat a mohawk
  13. Purr
  14. Mow your carpet
  15. Play Pat Boone records backwards
  16. Vacuum your lawn
  17. Sleep on a bed of nails
  18. DON’T toss and turn
  19. Boil ice cream
  20. Run around in squares
  21. Think of quadruple entendres
  22. Speak in acronyms
  23. Have your pillow X-rayed
  24. Drink straight shots…of water
  25. Paint stripes on a lake
  26. Ski Kansas
  27. Sleep in freefall
  28. Kill a Joule
  29. Test thin ice…with a pogo stick
  30. Apply for a unicorn hunting license
  31. Do a good job
  32. Crawl
  33. Invite the Mansons over for dinner
  34. Paint your windows
  35. Watch a watch until it stops
  36. Flash your goldfish
  37. Paint
  38. Flirt with a hot girl
  39. Smile
  40. Rotate your garden…daily
  41. Paint a smile
  42. Shoot a fire hydrant
  43. Apologize to it
  44. Pretend you’re blind
  45. Annoy yourself
  46. Get mad at yourself
  47. Stop speaking to yourself
  48. Be a side effect
  49. Ride a bicycle…up Mt. McKinley
  50. Mug a stop sign

Even after this stuff, if you are still bored you can check out 474 Things to do when you’re bored

If you feel like contributing to this list, drop a comment ‘What do you do when you’re bored’? I’d love to hear what you guys have to say.

300lbs Water bomb blast

Here’s something for all you guys that love watching stuff explode or get destroyed. Some college fraternity guys got together and filled two garbage bags full of water weighing an estimated 300lbs and dropped from three stories above the ground.

That much water makes for a huge water explosion, you can watch the clip below:

Two old ladies driving

I came across this joke somewhere on the net and just had to post it here for you to read, its quite obvious, but funny nonetheless. Enjoy!

Two elderly women were driving around town in a large car. Neither could barely see over the dashboard.

As they were cruising along, they came to an intersection. The stoplight was red, but they just went on through.

The woman in the passenger seat thought to herself “I must be losing it. I could have sworn we just went through a red light.”

After a few more minutes, they came to another intersection and the light was red again. Again, they went right through.

The woman in the passenger seat was almost sure that the light had been red but was really concerned that she was losing it. She was getting nervous.

At the next intersection, sure enough, the light was red and they went on through. So, she turned to the other woman and said, “Mildred, do you know that we just ran through three red lights in a row? You could have killed us both!”

Mildred turned to her and said, “Oh shit—am I driving?”


Types of Marketing

I was going about my daily online business when I stumbled across a blog called Time and Again. I loved it so much, I just had to share it here with all my readers. Credit goes out to her for picking this one up!

You see a fabulous girl/guy at a party. You approach them and say, “I’m fantastic in bed.”That’s Direct Marketing.

You’re at a party with a bunch of friends and see a fabulous girl/guy. You have one of your friends approach them, point at you and say, “She’s/He’s fantastic in bed.”

That’s Advertising.

You see a fabulous girl/guy at a party. You approach them to get their telephone number. The next day you call and say, “Hi, I’m fantastic in bed.”

That’s Telemarketing.

You’re at a party and see a fabulous girl/guy. You get up, straighten your clothes, walk up and pour them a drink. You open the door, pick up their bag after it drops, offer them a ride, and then say, “By the way, I’m fantastic in bed.”

That’s Public Relations.

You’re at a party and see a fabulous girl/guy. They walk up to you and say, “I hear you’re fantastic in bed.”

That’s Brand Recognition.

Lol funny huh! I remember jokes like these a few years ago when I was in high school. Great stuff!

Animation VS Animator


I came across this really awsome flash animation of a stick figure battling it out with its creator…of course a flash animator. They wage war across the Flash 8 environment using various tools avaliable to flash animators in the toolbars and whatever. If you yourself are a flash nut or just up for a laugh, definately check this 1 out.

Friday Funnies (pt.2)

I've been wanting to do another post into the Funnies category, so here it is….better late than never right.

I came across this video clip whilst parusing myspace. Funny clip of a hampster eating a cookie, u gotta see it. Its too bad I can't embed the clip, but u can check it out here.

Here's another crazy pic, some guy is really into his computers.


ahh thats about it really, thought I had more, maybe next time huh.

Friday Funnies

TGIF! What’s a friday without something funny…

L33t hackr’s have their way

I doubt very much that this was legitimately written by a newspaper, but it is funny nonetheless. Seems as though ‘l33t speak’ as some people call it can be applied to practically anything and everything these days. The topic at hand is definately not humerous, but its a wonder what a little stupidity can do for you.

What the hell, butt pirates on the increase

Lol, this is definately funny, and the funniest part about it is that it actually was a legit article written by somebody from an unknown English newspaper. If anybody has any idea what the helll a ‘butt pirate’ is, please let me know lol. Good to see the authorities are on top of that situation.

President Bush – Leader of a nation


I’m sure there are many people out there Mr. Bush who would like to extend the same sentiment to you. This was a clip from a few years ago while he was governor of Texas I believe (he was governor of Texas right?) lol so funny.

I’m going to be taking the weekend off posting I think, got heaps of schoolwork to do, but who knows, maybe you’ll see something saturday night if your lucky :). Have fun, stay tuned…