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Exams are over! How do you celebrate?

Yay! My university exams are finally over. I cannot believe it, there was a time there where it felt as if they would never finish. Although I have finished, I recently got a new job in Melbourne that I start tomorrow so no breaks for me, off to work I go. But it’s not all that bad, I’ll be working for a month then I’ll get my christmas break from work for about two weeks or so.

So I’ve got a few end of year parties coming up for uni, but I found myself wondering…If I didn’t have to goto work right now, what would I be doing for end of year celebrations? How would I be celebrating? Mmm…

  • Party all day and all night
  • Stay at home
  • Sit by the calendar and wait for the new semester!

However you celebrate it, let us know in the comments section. I would be interested on any huge parties happening in your area and what other students get up to this time of year.

Back at Uni, oh the humanity!

Well guys, I am officially back at uni for another semester of pure study bliss (or so I always hope). For those of you who don’t know what I’ve been doing, im currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) at Victoria University here in Melbourne.

I have been really enjoying the course thus far (besides from the obvious pain of having to do schoolwork) and I have all my subjects picked out and timetables organised ready for another semester of school. This semester, the subjects I am taking are:

  1. Discrete Mathematics
  2. Data Communications & Networks
  3. Intelligent Systems (Artificial Intelligence)
  4. 3D Web Technologies

So there is a fairly broad range of topics for me to study which is something. Last semester I was stuck with really boring subjects, mainly mathematics, statistics and heavy theory based computing subjects. At least this semester I have a little more hands on stuff to do which should be good.

Well, as it usually goes, I always love the first two weeks or so, but I will hit me sooner or later, and I will no doubt be counting down the days until this school year is over.

Just thought I’d check in and give you guys a quick idea of what’s been happening with me and that Im finally (not) back at Uni. Until next time, take care.

5 ways to get through exam week


Every university in the country, and in fact every university on the planet has some kind of final examination schedule. Here in Australia the end of semester finals are usually a month long, but this period differ's between institutions. Being a university student myself (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science) I am totally aware of the dreaded feeling of final exams, and the 'all-nighter hangovers' that go with them.

Are you in the middle of your exams right now and just can't shake those examination blues? Here are a few useful tips I've used myself to get me through the long nights, evil mornings and 24-hr group study sessions.

1. Socialize – Believe it or not, locking yourself away in a dark room for days on end studying is a sure fire way to burn yourself out too quickly and in my case, study sessions that last that long cause me to start forgetting other useful information. Spend time studying, but spend an equal time with your friends.

2. Exercise – Exercise helps me to relieve stress, especially with huge stress build-up's the night before a big exam. I go running three times a week anyway so exercise is a big part of me, but just remember to exercise your body as well as your brain.

3. Track your eating habits – Everybody's heard that coffee' and coca-cola are great for keeping you awake during an all nighter, but there's so much more to it. During my first year of tertiary studies (freshmen year for all my north american friends) I honestly ate like crap during exams and study periods. Pizza, Beer, Coke all seem like great things to be consuming to keep your energy levels up, but I find they just make you crash and burn after a few hours.

Keep a balanced diet a few weeks leading up to exams and sure, go for the coke and coffee' late at nights, but i also find eating a second meal at around 2am helps too.

4. Have frequent breaks – I NEVER study for any longer than 1-2hrs at any given time. Sure i'll spend all day studying sometimes, but your brain needs rest, and I'll bet your hands do too after all that writing. Study for an hr or two, then walk away and maybe get some of the 1st and 2nd points into you. Let your brain absorb all the information you just took in, then come back to it in an hour's time or so. trust me it helps me remember stuff much longer than just that night and makes you feel so much better.

5. Celebration – After all your exams are finished, a very important part to never forget is to make sure you catch up on all the fun you lost. Go out clubbing, Goto Uni parties (they're the best after huge exams) and drink yourself stupid if your that way inclined. The point is, go get out, have fun, HEAPS OF FUN! Next semester is still a while away right?

I wouldn't say I stick to these points to the dime all the time, but alot of these points really help me out alot during exam time, hopefully they can help you out a little too!