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What Do You Do In Hot Weather?

Well Melbourne has seen its share of hot days this summer with 3 days 43C or above, not to mention the heatwaves seen right across the country.

So, what do you do to keep yourself cool? For those of us unlucky enough to have air-conditioning we have to invent new and crazy ways just to keep ourselves cool.

I’ve got a pedestal fan that’s been working well but if the room is hot then it basically just blows around hot air. I’ve taken showers during the day and at night to keep cool and I’ve stayed in the car for brief periods with the air-con on in there just for an escape.

If its that hot inside and during the day you may as well go to the pool (indoor, outdoor you’re likely to shrivel into nothingness) but what do you do at night? How do you sleep at night in crazy heat?

Mass Power Outages Throw Melbourne Into Chaos

Friday 30th January 2009 – The 3rd day in Melbourne’s long running heatwave above 40 degrees Celsius reached a top temperature of 44.9C making it Melbourne’s 2nd hottest day on record.

To make matters worse, Friday afternoon an electrical substation in Melbourne’s west exploded causing widespread power loss to the area resulting in an increase in train cancellations and affecting 500,000 homes and businesses in the area.

It was an excruciatingly hot day, and without power there was no relief from any of it.

There were also reports of blackouts in the Melbourne CBD that night. My place of employment was affected by this quite substantially when our servers providing essential services (mail, file server, blackberry) were taken offline.

The damage to lines and the substation is not expected to be repaired until after the weekend, Tuesday at the very latest. The weather forecast for Melbourne this week is cooler than last week and thank god for that…much cooler!weatherMelb_feb09

Source: Weather Channel Australia

My fellow Melbournians, relief will soon be here, soon enough!

Annoying Friends

All of us I’m sure have someone in their circle of friends the rest of the group secretly talks about behind their back, the person that is always the butt of the jokes, the person that we still kinda enjoy their company but just say the stupidest things at the most indecent times.


Personally, if you’re lucky enough to have a friend you still do enjoy their company but sometimes they just really annoy you…think yourself lucky. The question is…what can do you with your ‘friend’ you just can’t stand?

Most often than not (in my experience anyway) a person in your circle of ‘friends’ who you hate that much didn’t gain membership because its something you wanted but rather they were forced upon the group because a friend has started dating somebody new or a friend has obtained a new friend by some means.

So what can you do with your friend? How can you stop the constant arguing, nagging and b**ching behind their back?

I guess you could argue that if things are that bad with your friend, then the only thing to do is to end the friendship (unless it was never a friendship to begin with) just tell them how they make you feel, and all the annoying things they do. I should take my own advice on this one but that’s another story.

What if this person is not your friend, but your friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend? How do you deal with this situation? What if this person is so annoying you just can’t stand to be around the both of them? There are so many questions I have on this topic I just don’t have any answers to but is one of those situations although awkward is hard to fathom unless you have to deal with it yourself.

Back Amongst the Living…(Or maybe I’m just back blogging again!)


After a very long hiatus (besides one post, 12 months) I’m back writing here on my blog. My goal is to bring the site back to its former glory, trying some new and interesting things and just see what happens with it. I’ve been out of the blogsphere for quite some time and boy has the landscape changed.

There are so many bloggers out there these days, so many people trying to get their voices heard on various subjects that interest them that its hard to really figure out which ones are the good ones and which aren’t really worth your time. My re-entry into blogging isn’t to try and please the masses or to strive to get the most hits in a single day…I’m back with a fire in the belly (a bellyfire I hear it called lol) to redeem my passion for writing and only writing about the stuff that interests ME the most.

I look forward to getting back to writing on here, and if by some miracle  my site starts getting popular again simply from the content I like to write about, then that’s great and more power to me. It’s a great way for likeminded people to get together and discuss the topics that interest them most, and to get people talking about the important issues (and perhaps not so important) is one of the great goals I hope I can reach.


Exams are over! How do you celebrate?

Yay! My university exams are finally over. I cannot believe it, there was a time there where it felt as if they would never finish. Although I have finished, I recently got a new job in Melbourne that I start tomorrow so no breaks for me, off to work I go. But it’s not all that bad, I’ll be working for a month then I’ll get my christmas break from work for about two weeks or so.

So I’ve got a few end of year parties coming up for uni, but I found myself wondering…If I didn’t have to goto work right now, what would I be doing for end of year celebrations? How would I be celebrating? Mmm…

  • Party all day and all night
  • Stay at home
  • Sit by the calendar and wait for the new semester!

However you celebrate it, let us know in the comments section. I would be interested on any huge parties happening in your area and what other students get up to this time of year.

50 Things to do when your bored

Ever found yourself so bored that you’ll start thinking of really crazy stuff to do just to keep yourself occupied? Don’t have any ideas, try some of these:

  1. Wax the ceiling
  2. Rearrange political campaign signs
  3. Sharpen your teeth
  4. Play Houdini with one of your siblings
  5. Braid your dog’s hair
  6. Clean and polish your belly button
  7. Water your dog…see if he grows
  8. Wash a tree
  9. Knight yourself
  10. Name your child Edsel
  11. Scare Stephen King
  12. Give your cat a mohawk
  13. Purr
  14. Mow your carpet
  15. Play Pat Boone records backwards
  16. Vacuum your lawn
  17. Sleep on a bed of nails
  18. DON’T toss and turn
  19. Boil ice cream
  20. Run around in squares
  21. Think of quadruple entendres
  22. Speak in acronyms
  23. Have your pillow X-rayed
  24. Drink straight shots…of water
  25. Paint stripes on a lake
  26. Ski Kansas
  27. Sleep in freefall
  28. Kill a Joule
  29. Test thin ice…with a pogo stick
  30. Apply for a unicorn hunting license
  31. Do a good job
  32. Crawl
  33. Invite the Mansons over for dinner
  34. Paint your windows
  35. Watch a watch until it stops
  36. Flash your goldfish
  37. Paint
  38. Flirt with a hot girl
  39. Smile
  40. Rotate your garden…daily
  41. Paint a smile
  42. Shoot a fire hydrant
  43. Apologize to it
  44. Pretend you’re blind
  45. Annoy yourself
  46. Get mad at yourself
  47. Stop speaking to yourself
  48. Be a side effect
  49. Ride a bicycle…up Mt. McKinley
  50. Mug a stop sign

Even after this stuff, if you are still bored you can check out 474 Things to do when you’re bored

If you feel like contributing to this list, drop a comment ‘What do you do when you’re bored’? I’d love to hear what you guys have to say.

Back at Uni, oh the humanity!

Well guys, I am officially back at uni for another semester of pure study bliss (or so I always hope). For those of you who don’t know what I’ve been doing, im currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) at Victoria University here in Melbourne.

I have been really enjoying the course thus far (besides from the obvious pain of having to do schoolwork) and I have all my subjects picked out and timetables organised ready for another semester of school. This semester, the subjects I am taking are:

  1. Discrete Mathematics
  2. Data Communications & Networks
  3. Intelligent Systems (Artificial Intelligence)
  4. 3D Web Technologies

So there is a fairly broad range of topics for me to study which is something. Last semester I was stuck with really boring subjects, mainly mathematics, statistics and heavy theory based computing subjects. At least this semester I have a little more hands on stuff to do which should be good.

Well, as it usually goes, I always love the first two weeks or so, but I will hit me sooner or later, and I will no doubt be counting down the days until this school year is over.

Just thought I’d check in and give you guys a quick idea of what’s been happening with me and that Im finally (not) back at Uni. Until next time, take care.

Exams Exams Exams = Busy Busy Busy

Oh how exams do suck. I just finished my first exam yesterday (Operating Systems) and I think I did pretty well, but I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Becuase of my exams at the moment, I have been unusually busy which isn't good becuase my weekly (i try) audio posts have kinda taken a back seat this past week.

Episode 8 will be here in good time. My final exam is monday 19th June and after then I won't have a thing I have to do for school as the semester will be over. YAY!

Things are happening with Ep#8 I can guarrantee that, just 1 more week and I'll be through with exams. I knew getting a new audio post out each week was going to be interesting and I did it for 6 (pittyful) weeks but the next one will be out shortly.

Thanks for sticking in there with me guys, busy times I'm faced with at the moment, but hey, who isn't busy these days right?

Stay Tuned!

Floating meditating man…well, almost!

Today as I was making my way home on the ever interesting Melbourne train network, I spotted a man sitting down beside me with his arms out in a meditation kind of position with his eyes closed, and his legs folded. He was sitting on one of those seats which fold back to allow room for disabled passengers and the seat next to him was unoccupied (folded back). His legs were covering the view of the seat in which he was sitting on from my position and looked as if he was just FLOATING IN MID AIR! lol.

This was so very very funny amongst myself and two other friends travelling with me at the time, I wish I had my camera with me, it would have made such a great photo. Lol, we joked amongst ourselves that when he gets up and opens the train door to leave, he would just float out the door still in the meditation position lol. Ohh, I guess you had to be there, but it was just so hillarious. So wish I had my camera.

Where I’m at with…everything!

Hey everybody, hope you’ve all been doing great. I haven’t made a ‘personal’ post for over a week now so I thought i’d fill you all in on what’s been happening with me, interesting or not lol.

School is school really, same old same old. I only have two weeks left of classes for the semester, then a week of exams so it will all be over very shortly, I so can’t wait. I’ve been applying for all kinds of jobs lately. I’m most probably going to be taking some time off studying after this semester is over so looking for a new job.

Applied for mostly full time positions in a whole range of fields such as data entry (boring), various programming jobs, mainly experience with .net languages, some web development stuff (php/, some consultancy work, even applied to work full time in a sports store here in Melbourne. I hope i get an interview with the sports store, I think i’d really like working there for a bit.

Ummm, what else has been happening. I mentioned in this week’s (episode 6) audio I caught TOTO’s Melbourne concert, which was really great, had such a great time. Lost my voice at the end of the night but was fun nonetheless! lol. Anybody who has ever been to any kind of rock concert knows fully how hot it can get down in there, and I was totally stuffed by the end, soo hot….about half way through I was really dying for some water or something, but didn’t wanna move. It would have been hell trying to get out of the huge wave of people I was nestled amongst. But, still so cool!

Anybody close to me knows I’ve been doing it tough over the last few weeks, just with my personal affairs and stuff. Most of the people I’m close to do come here and read my blog too, so to all you guys, thanks alot for being there for me it really means alot to me. Good to know I have such great friends around me.

On a lighter note, I’ve been hyping it up for the last few months you are all aware. New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS finally came out this week, hope to pick up a copy of it sometime soon. If you have no idea what i’m talking about, just browse through my blog, you’ll most definately find a post i wrote on it.

So thats about it I guess, If i’ve forgotten anything, i’ll be sure to tell you guys about it. Take it easy, have a great week!