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Michael – Share Your Memories


If you’re a big Michael Jackson fan but don’t know how to show your appreciation and support? Worry no more. Head on over to Michael’s official site and you can leave your thoughts and share your memories of Michael Jackson that have made the biggest impact in your life.

There have been so many responses and comments posted already, 362,966 to be exact (as of 30/06/09). It just makes you realize how many people really loved and admired MJ.

Megan Fox: What It Must Be Like To Be That Bike!


Quite possibly one of the best things to come from the 2nd offering of Transformers is this scene with Megan Fox on a bike. I think she’s trying to get off on it (excuse the pun) or cleaning it or something…who knows, who really cares I guess.

My previous post (Transformers 2 Reviews – Roger Ebert and Most Other Critics Hate it!) I discussed the seeming lack of interest in this film after reading Roger Ebert’s scathing review of the film. I really hope the film is better than what has been reviewed of it so far. Most will probably be happy if they just see Megan doing stuff like this on film for 2hrs I suppose but I was such a fan of the first film (excluding the 80’s animated film – I’m talking the 2007 film) I have high hopes for the 2nd.

Sex Sells (And Attracts More Visitors)

Sex sells, as was the case with a post I wrote Feb 1 on Sheyla Hershey. 2 days after I posted that article my blog received about 3x more traffic than usual that day, with that interest sustained across the past 5 days its amazing.

So just as an experiment lets see what happens If I post a wallpaper of Rachael Neiberding on here. Will the traffic to the site surge again, or will it remain the same?

Rachael Neiberding (RALPH)

Regardless of the results of this experiment don’t think my blog will turn into smut central, that’s not what I do on my website (there are other places for that if you want it). This is for curiosity only.

I’ll let you know what happens!

Sheyla Hershey: The Worlds Biggest Boob Job

sheylaNew world record! Sheyla Hershey’s new breast enhancement declared the worlds biggest boob job.

What can you say, Sheyla Hershey is a 28 year old American model of Brazilian origin who has gone through the trauma of 9 surgeries to produce these massive puppies.

Doctors even say she is in serious danger of them EXPLODING if she isn’t careful. She doesn’t seem to care. In a recent article in the daily star in the UK she is quoted saying:

To me, big is beautiful. I don’t think I have anything to worry about.” – Daily Star

What else more is there to say, other than OMFG!!

The legacy of Rick James’: Final mark

Funk legend Rick James’ new tombstone was erected at his grave site a few days ago marking the 2nd aniversary of his death.

The jet-black tombstone with Rick in a leather jacket and tight pants etched into the marble symbolizes everything Rick James was, the same image was used in his 1981 album “Street Songs” which was definately one of his biggest albums and propelled him to the huge star he came to be.

The final markings on the stone read:


James Ambrose Johnson Jr headstone

A fitting monument to a funk icon.

Jennifer Hawkins newest face of covergirl

Since her crowning of Miss Universe in 2004 , Jennifer Hawkins’ fame has skyrocketed. She is a television presenter on The Great Outdoors for channel 7 (Australia) these days which takes her all over the world and also the face of lovable Lingerie Australia, this ‘lovable’ beauty from oz now has something new to add to her resume…the new face of Covergirl cosmetics.

jennifer_hawkins.jpgThe 22 year old’s life totally changed from an aussie cheerleader to an aussie icon in such a short time, and people seem to just love her. She has such an interesting (and beautiful) quality about her which is really taking her places, and her latest job as the newest cover girl is definately testimate to her growing power and celebrity.

She has grown to be not only an Australian figure, but a well known international personality, appearing in many fashion shows and television specials & interviews. This year has definately been one of Jennifer’s biggest years since her triumphant miss universe win. We have seen her picture plastered over television, magazines, advertisements, train stations, sides of busses and god knows where else.

She recently appeared on the Seven Network’s Dancing with the Stars which helped make her more of a household name (if she wasn’t already). People just can’t seem to get enough of her these days, and why not. She ‘appears’ to be a very bright and talented woman, not to mention her amazing looks.

Covergirl Australia are planning to use Jennifer in their latest marketing campaign throughout the country over the next few months, but it has been said that the deal could see her photos appearing in overseas covergirl commercials also. Covergirl I’m sure have sealed their success in concrete with getting Jennifer on board, and before long, we’ll all be seeing much more of her once again…but who’s complaining?

Britney Spears poses in harpers bazaar

For the celebrity un-initiated, Britney spears is currently pregnant with her second child to husband Kevin Federline. Her highly publized pregnancies are once again thrown into the limelight with britney posing in a nude photoshoot for popular entertainment and fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar in which she appears on the cover of the august 2006 issue.

britney.jpgHer shoot is heavily reminiscent of Demi Moore’s nude photoshoot she did for Vanity Fair magazine in august of 1991, almost 15 years ago. Britney’s new photos in the august issue have already appeared all over the internet a month even before the release of the issue.

I thought after lukewarm feelings from the general public about her ‘on & off it seems’ marriage with Kevin we wouldn’t really be seeing and hearing much of Britney spears for at least a while, but she’s back, posing nude while heavily pregnant and to be honest, most people actually don’t seem to mind it! Well, who i’ve been asking anyway.britney4.jpg

Sure many people have criticized Britney in the past and her popularity has fallen substantially for various reasons, but there is something fascinating about seeing a beautiful pregnant woman naked that draws so much attention and interest (even if it is Britney Spears).

It would take alot of guts to expose yourself like that whilst pregnant and takes alot of courage, regardless of who you are.

Her credibility as a performer may have taken a beating the last few years, but she’s now getting plenty of recognition at the moment anyway from this new shoot and her departure from her trademark blonde locks.

Maybe this means Britney’s triumphant comeback to the mainstream? Who knows? Probably not, but its good to see you anyway Britney, always a treat!

The rave of the celebrity baby


Over the last year or two, we have seen a huge increase in the number of celebrity couples exchanging vowes and starting a family.

It is a well known fact that many celebrity couples have a history of naming their children 'interesting' names to be as polite as possible about it. These kids who are/will be celebrities in their own right thanks to their parents definately will have that 'killer' stand out name which seems to be forever more important in Hollywood these days.

There can be no mistaking a name like Apple or Shiloh in the classroom thats for sure. At least when these kids start attending school, they will definately know when the teacher is talking to them.

In case you are totally oblivious to what i'm talking about and have been living under a rock for the past few years, here's a list of many celebrity couples and their children's names:

Apple: Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin
Shiloh: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
Suri: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes
BreAzia Ranee: Olympia Scott-Richardson
Camera: Arthur Ashe
Coco: Courteney Cox & David Arquette
Daisy Boo: Jamie Oliver
Gaia: Emma Thompson
Heaven: Lil' Mo
Heavenly Hirrani Tiger Lily: Paula Yates & Michael Hutchence
Jaz: Steffi Graff & Andre Agassi
Maesa: Bill Pullman
Paloma: Emilio Estevez
Poppy Honey: Jamie Oliver
Rainbow: Ving Rhames
Sailor: Christie Brinkley
Sosie: Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Bacon
Zola Ivy: Eddie Murphy

What would we do in a world without celebrity babies. People are always trying to come up with new baby names, instead of professionals who know what they're doing coming up with new names, we should all just leave it up to whoever seems to be popular in Hollywood at that particular time.

Celebrity babies are a huge hit once they enter the world, but a few weeks after the birth and everything settles down, people start to forget about them and they just get on with their lives. I myself don't really see what's so fascinating with celebrities in general. You always see people on the subway or in a shopping center reading gossip magazines. Is your life really that boring? I doubt it.

Lots of people will tell you "oh my life is so boring, i just like reading them to see how life works for a celebrity". I can understand where your coming from, but its like everything when it comes to celebrities and the nature of being famous. If you're famous and well known, it takes work to remain famous and well known for quite a while. Many entertainers usually have a peak in their careers where they are the most popular, then their popularity dies down and in many cases, fades away completely.

It is this nature of celebrity and being famous that the children of these parents will have to grow up with, and that must be so hard on them sometimes. I'm not trying to bad mouth anybody here, but If my name was Apple for example, just becuase my parents were famous, doesn't mean that teasing and bullying in school won't happen.

While celebrity babies are all the news for that first few months, things die down just like the popularity of their parents in some cases and people just move on. A name can mean so much to a person, it is their identity after all.