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Blue Mic – Yeti Professional USB Microphone

Exciting day today! I went and picked up a new Microphone for video voiceovers, music production and general recording needs. I got the Blue Mic Yeti USB microphone. This Microphone is a beast. It weighs quite a bit which is what you want in a desktop mic, feels nice and sturdy. It looks great and sounds amazing.

With 4 separate polar patterns this is one very functional USB microphone with a lot of different uses. As I mentioned I’ll mainly be using it for voiceover work on screencasts, how-to video’s, etc and music production but if I catch the podcasting bug (it might happen) I’ll be well equipped to tackle the challenge.

bluemic_yeti bluemic_yeti_long 

Here’s the specs:
Power Required/Consumption: 5V 150mA
Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Bit Rate: 16bit
Capsules: 3 Blue-proprietary 14mm condenser capsules
Polar Patterns: Cardioid, Bidirectional, Omnidirectional, Stereo
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity: 4.5mV/Pa (1 kHz)
Max SPL: 120dB (THD: 0.5% 1kHz)

Impedance:16 ohms
Power Output (RMS): 130 mW
THD: 0.009%
Frequency Response: 15 Hz – 22 kHz
Signal to Noise: 100dB

Dimensions (extended in stand): 4.72″ (12cm) x 4.92″(12.5cm) x 11.61″(29.5cm)
Weight (microphone): 1.2 lbs (.55 kg)
Weight (stand): 2.2 lbs (1 kg)

Headphones: Blissful Listening

I’ve been saying for years that headphones can deliver superior sound quality compared to earphones or even conventional speaker systems. Why? Because headphones place you right in the middle of the sound so you don’t get audio degradation as it travels through the air.

Take a look at this extract from an article written by Rod Easdown in The Age newspaper this morning. He knows what he’s talking about – “Compare: Headphone Heaven”.

"HEADPHONES have been getting a bad rap lately and it’s all because of iPods. So let’s pause for a moment and recall why we were attracted to headphones in the first place: headphones sound fantastic.

The reason for this isn’t rocket science. When you listen to music through conventional speakers, you’re very seldom in the sweet spot, that hallowed position out in front, exactly equidistant from each speaker. So their stereo image is less than perfect.

But slap on a pair of headphones and you’re there, plumb in the middle of the orchestra, with instruments on the right and left and the conductor dead centre of your head. And you can hear all the fine detail of the high notes because these fragile, highly directional soundwaves aren’t breaking down before they reach your ears."

So go on then, if you even slightly consider yourself an audiophile go buy yourself some decent headphones you’ll be doing yourself a favour. I took the plunge about a year ago spending about $300 on a good pair of Sennheiser headphones. It was a bigger than usual investment for me for audio equipment but was definitely worth it.

Episode 7: Trials & Tribulations

A hell of a lot of stuff was covered in this week’s audio. Was kind of a ‘double’ episode this week as I unfortunately missed last week and pushed Episode 7 out a week later. By the way, I hope that won’t happen again, was just really busy with uni and stuff.

– Amazing Interactive Nightclub Tables
– Floating Meditating man…was funny as hell
– Audio Episode 7 on hold, trial of new blog look
– Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Edition Public Beta 2 discussed!
– Wndows Vista Shortcut Dilema

Hope you guys enjoy episode 7…I really hate hosting them on yahoo, maybe sometime soon if I get more serious about getting these out i’ll decide to make the switch!


Audio Episode 7 on hold & trial of new look

I have been pretty busy with schoolwork for uni over the past week so unfortunately I haven't really had the time to sit down and finish Episode 7 which was slated to appear on here a few days ago (May 26th) but I should have it finished real soon and be ready and avaliable for download on Friday 2nd June. Again, i'm sorry for the delay, just been real busy thats all. Hope you all understand.

 I take a look at a few interesting posts over last week in this week's episode so just hang in there for it, it will be a good one i promise!

Also, I have been testing out a new look for the blog over the last few nights as you can see. Please tell me what you think of it and If you would like to see something differently or if you like the old one better, please let me know. I'm always trying to improve the look and usability and any feedback either via comments or email are always greately appreciated.

Thanks for your patience guys!

Episode 6: Visual Styles

Back for another week, was a bit busy friday night so it's out saturday (friday in most other timezones anyway lol). I go over just some of the things that have been happening both on my blog, and around the world:

Oh by the way, a big shout out to Heidi. Hope your having a great time in California seeing the sights and having fun i hope. You can tell me all about it when you get back i'm sure!

Episode 5: Check In!

I have just finished Episode 5: Check In! and is now avaliable for your listening pleasure. A bit of a quiet week, but just thought i'd check in and re-hash some stuff that made a post this week:

  • New Super Mario Bros – May 15th release date
  • Al Pacino new theater production  – Salome
  • Superman issue #1

I've been pretty busy lately with some stuff going on, but be sure to check out next week's episode, which will be #6 (wow 6 weeks already) how time fly's when your having fun! lol.


Episode 4: Nintendo Wii, What the hell?

Episode #4 hits the blog this week and boy is it a big one. I go over some of the best news of the week in the gaming industry, check out Tom Cruise's new MI:III mission, and waste time with spinning pencils and rhyming! 

Show Notes:

  • News of the week: Nintendo "revolution" Wii announced
  • You think your good – Try spinning a pencil around your thumb
  • Up for wasting time – 2 Cool sites: & wordConstructor
  • Movies – Mission Impossible III hits theaters!
  • Nintendo DS fans – New Super Mario Bros May 15 release YAY!

Hope you like it.

Episode 3: Friday Thrills!

It's time for another episode of the greatest show on earth…well, just kidding. I have just put out episode 3 for your listening pleasure, back for another week of revision on what's been happening with me, news here on my blog and any major announcements.

Show Notes:

  • High score in Tetris DS – NEW personal record: 417 lines cleared, LV 43, 834,000 points scored
  • Back to Uni we go – Back for another 5-6 weeks of hitting the books
  • Apple 8GB & 10GB Nano models – Cool if you don't yet have an iPod, kicking yourself if you do!
  • Wrap-Up – Interest in show music, any ideas?

I've been really excited about finding new artists which licence their music under creative commons or freely distribute their music. I'll be using a favourite tune on each episode, hope you guys like it. If anybody has any suggestions on any really cool 'Indie' bands or cool artists who freely distribute their music through various licences (creative commons) please let me know, i'll be happy to track them down…maybe you'll hear your favourite song next episode!

Thanks guys for sticking with me while i've been ironing out the bugs on this new idea. I've had few tough hosting issues but have finally sorted them out i think now.

Enjoy Episode 3! 

News on Audio Streams

Episode 2: Rain, Hail or Shine was just a little over 2MB and I can't seem to upload any files to wordpress over 1MB so I decided to try my luck and keep this episode off site. Some people are having trouble downloading the file which is unfortunate. It wasn't my intention to make a big deal out of these audio posts, just doing them for something different.

I am seriously going to try and keep each episode under 1MB so I can keep them here on wordpress without any hassles. I don't particularly want to encode each episode in any less quality than 56Khz which is the lowest bitrate i think which doesn't affect spoken word all too much. To combat this, I can either lower the quality of the audio which I don't really want to do, or cut each episode's time down to around 2 minutes. If I plan each episode I think I can manage 2 mins without any hassles.

Episode 2 is 5:25 minutes long and will be the last episode over 2-3 minutes from now on. Doing this will obviously help me out a lot, and it will help you guys out too. You won't be getting stupid error messages when your trying to stream each of the files which i'm totally pissed about happening.

Episode 3 will be out on the 28th and will be easy to download, don't you worry and will be hosted right here on wordpress.

Sorry for all the problems with episode 2 guys, some people didn't seem to have a problem and others did, but it won't happen again. Thanks for hanging in there with me, trying new things it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Audio has arrived!

Hey there guys. Last week I came up with the idea of doing a 'podcast' style audio blog on each post. I thought this was a great idea but thinking about it further, thought it might have just turned into a huge headache. I've really wanted to do something like this for a while, so I took that initial idea, tweaked it a little, now I think I've come up with something a little more reasonable, and still easy to do.

Each Friday (AEST) I will release an audio blog or 'podcast' if you like which will only be a few minutes long where I will go over some posts over the previous week which I found quite amusing, interesting, etc and give you an idea on what's to come in the week ahead. Audio will be encoded in 56Khz MP3 which will keep the filesize down.

I won't be spending much time on post production of the 'episodes' for each week but don't worry, it will still be very easy to listen to just no fancy audio effects or whatever.Each episode will be made avaliable here on my blog on this page and the NEW audio news section on the left pane of the homepage will notify you of the curren clip. The current clip and the past 5 weeks of clips will be listed on this new page.

Episode 1: Introductions is now avaliable for download from the Audio page, check it out and let me know what you think, any comments, concerns, queries are greatly appreciated. Episode 2 will be released tomorrow. Thanks again guys!