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How to Digitize a Million Books

Physically scanning hundreds of millions of pages bound between the covers of 18 million books, recognizing 430 languages and all sorts of fonts, making the results available for text searches, and replicating the traditional library browsing experience when it’s all done. And a system to organize the next big leap in the information age.

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A blast from the past

Dell Latitude XPi P100SD

Friend of mine came around with this dell laptop and I just couldn’t believe it. This computer would have been manufactured just after the introduction of windows 95 running an Intel Pentium 100mhz cpu, 16mb ram and a massive 800mb hard disk.

It has a cd-rom pcmcia interface card, but kinda useless with no cd-rom to back it and that makes re-installing windows practically impossible. I had it dropped off to me to see what I could do with it, if it was even possible for a fresh copy of windows 95 to be installed, but without the cd-rom its more or less useless.

I suppose I could try removing the hard drive and install windows straight to the disk on another PC, but I guess i’ll need to look around for a 2.5″ to 3.5″ IDE adapter to do that.

It’s an interesting dilema and one that I don’t face very often with my experience with computers, but an interesting piece of computing memorabilia (if ur into pre-windows 95 machines, good old dos days).

MP3 support with Rhythmbox

Ubuntu 5.10 Logo

Ubuntu Linux in my humble opinion is one of the most user friendly Linux distributions around these days and anybody even remotely interested in switching to Linux should really give it a go. I myself was new to linux and I know first hand how difficult it can get when your first starting out learning something new (especially coming from a strong windows background).

One thing in particular was trying to figure out how to get mp3 playback in Rhythmbox (default ubuntu music player).

Here is the solution:

sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.8-plugins

No problem at all was it.

Justin’s TechBlog moved to wordpress

Hey guys, I have been planning changes to my blog over the last few weeks. tBlog has been good but I have come to really love the flexibility and clear looks of wordpress. I am really excited to continue blogging and making posts, and I will be sure to redirect my old blog to this new blog address.

I hope you all keep checking out my blog from time to time. I have really appreciated all the support I have gotten over the last year or so. Thanks again. Looks like I’ll be sticking around on wordpress for some time.

Monday TechQuestions #14

Well another week, another round of questions.

Just a quick question. Just wondering what your opinion is on why flickr (online photo sharing site) hasn’t gotten into online video like such sites as YouTube? What do you think?

Well thanks for your curiosity on what I think. Flickr is an interesting site and have really done a great job with the idea of online photo sharing. Flickr has become quite widely used, but the idea of why they haven’t decided to include video into their site has floated around the net for a while. Im not really sure why they haven’t implemented a video section to the site like other sites, but they are doing probably the best job regarding photos anywhere online at the moment i believe.

Im not an expert on business, but maybe they will think about it and decide about it in the future.

Thanks guys.