About NerdyLoft


My name is Justin and I live in Australia. I am an IT Administrator so you’ll find much of the content of my blog revolves around Information Technology and Geek in general, but that’s not just what a blog is about. I like creating videos and posting them on YouTube. You can visit my YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/judstinau

When I started this blog back in 2002, it was hosted on another service and I moved to WordPress in 2006. When I started writing it was in a very impersonal style, but these days I’m all about heart and connecting with my readers so I write (and rant) quite personally about a number of things, but I hope that makes it easier for readers to connect with me!

The best thing about using the blog format is that you are free to write about whatever you want, whenever you want sharing with the world the thoughts and opinions that matter to you most.

So I hope you enjoy your time on my blog. I hope you get something out of the work I do on here which is purely for my own amusement and enjoyment. If that means you get something out of it also, then that makes me happy. You can leave as many comments as you like so don’t forget I’d love to hear any feedback you have.


Justin – Author

14 thoughts on “About NerdyLoft

  1. Hey Millsy!

    I was wondering who you are…saw your comment in my blog. And its good to know that you blog for Justin too! 🙂 I love this blog. I hope to read lots of posts written by you and Justin!! Keep writing

  2. Hey lol, yeah justin has told me about your blog and i love reading the things you post, funny stuff. im looking forward to posting as much as possible.
    Thanks Cotton

  3. I got this zune download that is a blast. i am glad microsoft is catching up. I know they get a lot of flack but i like them

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