I Am Legend Re-Watch – Multiple Endings

iamlegendI Am Legend is an interesting film (reminds me a lot of the game ‘The last of us’), and follows the main character Robert Neville (Will Smith) a survivor in New York City after a virus outbreak with symptoms similar to ‘vampirism’. Much of the story is devoted to Neville’s struggles to understand the plague that has infected everyone around him, and the film details the progress of his discoveries.

I originally saw this film back in 2007 when it released but recently watched it again on Netflix and felt that the ending is a bit of a disappointment. ***Spoiler*** He blows himself up to allow Anna/Ethan to escape his house with the “cure” to the disease. It would have been great to see Robert go with Anna/Ethan to the colony and see how the cure is utilized. This is “almost” explored in the alternate ending to the film but unfortunately this falls short also but the alternate ending is most definitely superior to the the original.

Searching around on YouTube I was able to find the alternate ending where Neville doesn’t sacrifice himself. Whilst they hide in his lab the infected raid it and the alpha male makes the shape of a butterfly on the lab glass. Neville realises that he is referring to the female Neville has captured (with her butterfly tattoo) he takes her out to the alpha male and takes the cure out of the females veins. They then show signs of love and compassion for one another, leaving Neville realising that, infact, the infected are not mindless killing machines but have developed a community of their own and have still got traces of their humanity.The film ends with Neville, Anna and Ethan driving off to find the colony with Anna recording a message over the radio for other survivors.

I think is pretty cool the film has multiple endings but would have a great if this alternate ending was actually part of the original film. There has been some discussion online about rumors of a sequel, let’s hope if we do see a second film it explores the survivor colony’s a bit more and how Neville’s cure was used.

Overall a great film.

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