Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2) – Collection Addition

mgs2 I recently got a limited edition copy of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for the Playstation 2, a nice addition to my PS2 collection. I did own this game back when it came out but unfortunately did not keep it. I’ve got it again, this time with the additional DVD which includes a making-of documentary, production photos, notes, etc.

Metal Gear Solid 2 is an amazing game every PS2 owner must play whether you are a fan of the series or not. The technical achievement alone is something to admire with the developers at Kojima Productions, they I’m sure are very proud of the game and is easy to see why. This was on of the first games on the PS2 that really made me think “yes the PS2 is a powerful machine” and the hardware truly helped deliver the cinematic feel of the game that KP/Konami strived to achieve in the first game.

The soundtrack is great, the first Metal Gear game in the series they were able to get a solid Holywood film industry music composer on board in Harry Gregson-Williams. His experience composing music for action films (The Rock, Enemy of the state, etc) really pushes this game into a whole new dimension and gives much more depth than ever thought possible.

The game opens with a flashback in 2007, two years after the Shadow Moses incident that was described in the original Metal Gear Solid. On August 8, 2007, Solid Snake and Otacon, now members of the non-governmental organization Philanthropy, are investigating the development of a new Metal Gear. Shortly after Snake arrives on the disguised oil tanker U.S.S. Discovery, Russian commander nationalist Sergei Gurlukovich and his group of Russian ex-military terrorists attacks the ship.

Snake sneaks down to the hold in order to record pictures of the new Metal Gear RAY. Sergei Gurlukovich sneaks into the hold and holds Scott Dolph at gunpoint, before Ocelot kills them.It is revealed that Ocelot had his severed arm replaced with that of the late Liquid Snake. The implant causes a change in Revolver Ocelot’s demeanor and behavior, with Liquid somehow “possessing” him. Under Liquid’s control he sinks the tanker and escapes with RAY before regaining command of his body. – Source:

This is truly an amazing game that you simply cannot miss. If you didn’t play this originally back in 2001, come back and play it!

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