Top 5 Techies Worth Following on Twitter

There are so many influential people in the technology industry but if you’re interested in reading up on technology news or just have fun watching videos from technology conferences (you really need to be into it to do this all the time) then you’ll no doubt have your favourite sources for your information, and favourite people you like to watch. Twitter is one of those things that makes it easy to keep tabs on the people you watch the most in the industry as basically all of them use the service regularly. It can save you having to dig around the web to read the best stories, most of the time you can find where all the action is at on Twitter.

Here is my top 5 list of technology gurus worth following on Twitter (in no particular order):

  1. Leo Laporte: Great pioneer of internet video content (a netcast as he likes to call) and podcaster – @leolaporte
  2. Walter Mossberg: Writer for the Wall Street Journal and all round great tech blogger – @waltmossberg
  3. Kevin Rose: Founder of and founder/CEO of milk inc – @kevinrose
  4. Robert Scoble: American blogger and former technology evangelist at Microsoft – @scobleizer
  5. Mitch Kapor: Founder of Lotus, designer of 1-2-3. These days a start-up investor and advisor. – @mkapor

I follow these guys as I think they are some of the more interesting people in technology to follow, but looking through the list I follow each for different reasons. Mitch isn’t a guy that covers technology at all as a journalist but he invests heavily in new start-ups so to see who he’s working with can sometimes show you the new things to come before they are known. Kevin Rose built, his first web venture. Made a lot of mistakes (his words not mine) but has learned from them and now has his hands in more than 30 different start-ups both as an investor and advisor. He also runs

Leo Laporte would probably be my favourite though, I’ve been subscribed to many of his podcasts almost since he first started podcasting and still listen today.

If you’re on twitter and into technology, take a look at what these guys are doing and go from there.

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