Rayman Origins: Like A Watercolour Paining Brought To Life

Rayman Origins looks to be one of those games that comes along only once a decade in its genre.  A game which does away with all the crap that has come before it and gives gamers the chance to play a truly epic game which ties back to its roots as much as pushes the franchise (and genre) forward into the modern age.

A 2D side-scroller that looks almost like a beautifully animated watercolour painting, this game pops off the screen and really looks amazing. From the crazy character design to the stunning level of detail put into the artwork. The levels get progressively harder and harder but being a modern game the developers have given us gamers plenty of checkpoints to keep us going rather than relying on the pause button to take breaks as we only get a minimal number of lives (mario bros. #1 anyone?).

Check out the full review at Gamespot.com or watch their review below.

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