Do We Really Need Twitter?

OK, first things first. What the hell is “Twitter”?

Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, informally known as “tweets.”

What is a “Tweet”?

Tweet: A post on twitter

So, we know what Twitter is and what people do on there but is it really all that useful? These days with so many different social networks and ways of keeping in touch with one another, do we all really need to many portals to very similar information?

If I want to know what my friends are up to, I use Facebook. Facebook has the most users of any social network on the internet and is by far the most popular. I hear you, “Facebook is too cluttered”. I agree, over the years Facebook has become (almost) what I really hated about MySpace. The unedited, unprofessional looking pages my friends called “the best thing ever” when in reality every page glittered an endless stream of epileptic nightmares forcing my to call it a day over there on My_. Still, Facebook has things going for it. I just don’t get why people feel the need to join every new social network as soon as it comes along. Is it a cool factor? Please someone out there tell me why I actually “need” Twitter”!

How many social networking/microblogging services can I think of off the top of my head?

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • MSN
  • Tumbr
  • Foursquare
  • Plurk
  • Pownce (I think)
Do we have too many in the world?…maybe.

In all fairness why do I need to become a member of Twitter to tell the world what I’m doing, where I’ve been & who I’ve just gone out with when I can do it all from the comfort of the ‘Status Update’ on Facebook? If I want to tell people where I’ve been I could use Foursquare (my girlfriend loves it), at least it does a decent job of geotagging (tagging places I’ve been with photos and geographic location), something that Twitter in all its head start it had on foursquare failed to achieve.

Do we all really need so many social networking tools to keep in touch with our friends when basically all our friends are already all on Facebook?

Some say Twitter does a better job of capturing information on live events as the event takes place as people can shoot off a quick 140 character tweet from their phone. It’s just as easy to update your status on Facebook from your phone in the same way isn’t it?

I must be the only one out there who just doesn’t get the benefit of Twitter.

How many social networks or microblogging services did I miss? Check out the list of social networks on wikipedia for further reading:

One thought on “Do We Really Need Twitter?”

  1. You know their are some people who sign up for all of them! I think some people just like a audience. They think their life is important. I know for how anti social people are face to face at times. I cannot imagine any of these social networks will not get old after a while.

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