Battlefield 3 Just Around the Corner

There were a lot of new details shown at this years E3 gaming Expo in Los Angeles including a Q4 release date (27 October, 2011 in Australia). There has been a lot of multiplayer footage and also gameplay footage. One thing must be said the game looks absolutely spectacular. It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens when this game launches as Infinity Ward’s ‘Modern Warfare 3’ will be set to launch around the same time. Modern Warfare games in the past have dominated first person shooter sales for the last few years with Battlefield (to be honest) a close second.

Battlefield 3 global release schedule:

October 25, 2011
USA, Canada, Singapore

October 27, 2011
Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Australia

October 28, 2011
UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy


This year though I think DICE and EA have a hot game on their hands with BF3 and I think will knock Call of Duty off its very high perch. Can’t wait for this one, will be looking forward to it!

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