StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Preview

I can’t seem to get enough StarCraft 2 news lately, the other day I posted a teaser trailer of the upcoming StarCraft 2 Zerg expansion “Heart of the Swarm” and now today @ they have a great article which previews this upcoming expansion.

I can’t wait to see what’s happened with Kerrigan since after the final events of the first chapter. She was looking a little less “Zergy” and a bit more human looking, she will no doubt be integral part of the Zerg campaign but at what length will be the question.

I wish I could post some of these images they are look really great, looks like a few snow missions and Kerrigan looks like she still has the Zerg dreadlocks but all in all looking more human, but what I don’t get is that she somehow is able to control the Zerg. I know she was a very powerful ghost in SC1 and some pretty good psionic abilities…maybe she uses them to control the hive? Not too sure but cannot wait for this one!

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