SC2: Battles Through The Bronze League

OK, 5th video in this Learning from Bronze “series” documenting my struggles through the bronze league in StarCraft 2. Apologies for the poor sound quality in this video, it’s still ok but was experimenting with a few different options. I’ll go back to my regular 128bps MP3 encoding for next time.

Was a bit better this game with my scouting which is nice to see I’m learning! I’m usually not too bad against Protoss opponents but I usually get killed pretty quickly when they go Dark Templar. I’m usually focusing pretty hard on getting my army size up and my macro that I completely forget about the possibility of early stealth units from the Protoss.

At least this game I was able to scout somewhat to realize he would probably be going down this road so was able to get up a few missile turrets to detect cloaked units at my base. As I didn’t have any mobile detector unit with me in my army push I remembered to keep a few scanner sweeps handy in case I ran into cloaked resistance. It was lucky I did because my opponent most definitely did go with Dark Templar and I was able to render them pretty much useless and took him out quite decisively.

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