StarCraft 2 Learning From Bronze: Judstin vs PaloiU

Lessons learned this game:

1. Scout: Again as it seems true with most games I play, I don’t scout my opponents base as much as I should be. If I had seen the baneling nest he built I would have realized earlier he was going banelings for this match. Also I didn’t have that much sight over the rest of the map so I didn’t see the banelings coming.

2. Protect against the baneling bust: To protect against a baneling bust I should have moved my stronger structures (factory/starport, etc) over to my front entrance and double wall. This would have provided me enough time to build a counter attack force to strike back.


The whole game he pretty much used speedlings and banelings with no further tech to higher units. Because of this, if I had amassed a larger force and not worried about his banelings as much, I might have been able to get a few medivac drops in his base or something.

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