The Big 3 Collectables Fair April 2011 – Cards From The Show

Ok so just got back from “The Big 3” collectables fair at Sandown racecourse (Victoria, Australia) so as always, time to post up what I brought back.

  • 2004-05 Dwight Howard Ultimate Patch #’d 027-100
  • 1x box 2004-05 Upper Deck SPx

First, a new addition to the Superman collection:

2004-05 Dwight Howard Ultimate (4-colour) Patch #’d 027/100dwightHoward_ultimatePatch










And the 2004-05 Upper Deck SPx hits – A nice Shawn Marrion jersey and Amare/Nash dual jersey:


Dorell Wright rookie jersey (not super exciting):


Few other SPx inserts:

cardshow3 cardshow5 cardshow2

Was a great show and my first time there so I had lots of fun. It’s no doubt the biggest collectables show in Victoria so looking forward to the next time I go. June is the next show I think so I’ll head down then.

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