1994-95 Skybox Emotion – First Cards Received!


Some mail arrived today, my first lot of 1994-95 Skybox Emotion cards have are here!. Wow I love this set, reminds me of the good old days, can’t wait to complete this set. Its a 121 card base set which means I’m 6 cards in (excluding the Dickey Simpkins rookie card), only 115 to go!

To recap the above:

  • Dickey Simpkins Rookie card – Not apart of base set
  • #11 BJ Armstrong
  • #43 Eric Piatkowski
  • #57 Tom Gugliotta
  • #74 B.J. Tyler
  • #83 Clifford Robinson
  • #100 Michael Jordan

I’m expecting a bunch more in over the next few days so probably some more stuff to show after the weekend. I’ll be posting all these up on here until the set is complete!

One thought on “1994-95 Skybox Emotion – First Cards Received!”

  1. I also love this set. I actually have this entire base set and almost all of the harder to get limited cards aswell. I have doubles of quite a few cards that u may need. I’d be happy to work some n out with u. Let me know

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