1997-98 Topps Chrome Season’s Best Key Master Inserts


Topps Chrome have always been very cool to look at and the 1997-98 sets back in the day were no exception. Right now I’m really loving looking back at all these old cards and especially the inserts, they don’t make inserts like they used to anymore.

I’ve managed to find a few of these Chrome season’s best key master inserts floating around on eBay so of course I snapped them up quick. I have always had the Shaq (above) but on the way I have:

  • Patrick Ewing #SB22
  • Hakeem Olajuwon #SB23
  • Alonzo Morning #?

The set contains 29 of these cards so once I have these arrive from the bay I’ve still got a fair way to go, the MJ will be very difficult to track down I’m guessing but the others hopefully won’t be so bad. These inserts appeared 1:8 packs in the 1997-98 Topps Chrome boxes so worst case I could probably pick up a few boxes of them from trust Dave & Adams Card World.

Of course, once the set is complete they’ll be posted up on here as usual.

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