Out With The New And In With The…Old?

HTC Touch Diamond 2
Nokia E71

Ok, so I’ve had a HTC touch diamond 2 for about 12 months now and I have to say they have been the most agonising 12 months ever! If you’ve never used a HTC touch diamond before…DON’T! I cannot not recommend them enough.

The hardware itself is kind of cool and has a nice large and hi-resolution touch display but the pro’s end there. The touch screen is high-res but it’s only a passive touch display (not a multi-touch) and Windows Mobile 6.5 is really a dog of a mobile OS. Its slow and laggy and when you’re texting on a virtual touch keyboard you really don’t want lag as it gets VERY frustrating. If anyone wants a 12 month old HTC touch diamond 2 (unlocked) let me know!

So out with the new, in with the old. A few days ago I ordered a Nokia E71 online and has just arrived today. Now, this phone has been around for a few years now (2008 release) but its such a great phone I had to come back to it. Symbian S60 3rd Ed is by far one of the best mobile operating systems I’ve ever used. While it is a little dated by today’s standards (iOS, android, etc) it is very solid, fast and everything you need and use is not very far to find (usually only a click away).

Access to email, phone, SMS and internet is all on the home screen and are functions I use most on my phone. Everything loads quickly and is a pleasure to use compared with my old phone. Having endured with a poor touch keyboard for 12 months coming back to physical keys was very nice, and the E71 has a nice full size QWERTY keyboard which is very easy to text on. I’ve already sent a handful of text messages today where on my old phone I would always avoid texting as it was such a pain.

Overall I’m much happier with an older phone…sounds a bit strange but as hey. Out with the new and in with the old!

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