Have You Had Problems Downloading iTunes 10 Lately?

itunes10logo For the past month or so many friends of mine (including myself) have had all sorts of issues downloading iTunes 10 from Apple’s website. For me, it gets about 99% complete and then just stops and never completes. This is very annoying, especially if you’ve just purchased an iPad, iPhone etc and you need to connect it to your computer (with iTunes installed) to configure it and set it up. You can’t use the device until you do this.

These days Apple does not include a CD containing the iTunes setup like they used to. Although there are a lot of people online these days, not everybody is (maybe they are only planning on going online on their iPad/iPhone and don’t own a computer?) and for those people getting their hands on a copy of iTunes or if they don’t have a computer getting these devices set-up is pretty much impossible.

So, if you are in this boat and are having all kinds of problems getting the set-up package to download correctly what can you do? When I first got my iPad I had this exact same problem and would have loved a solution. I ended up trying the download on another computer (which was running Ubuntu 10.09) and that ended up working. I then made the package available to my windows 7 OS and installed it.

It is a very annoying problem that I am surprised others are also seeing (not just me!). If you have seen this problem and have a solution you’ve tried that worked for you please post it in the comments section below. I have friends who are still having this problem and no matter what they try they seem to keep having problems. Short of me giving them the copy I have there aren’t a whole lot of options!

5 thoughts on “Have You Had Problems Downloading iTunes 10 Lately?”

  1. Yes I have just bough Iphone and struggle with the same problem – please any other advice for me?

  2. I feel your pain. I had to download iTunes from work then bring it home. I found switching browsers did eventually allow me to download it also.

  3. This is a huge blunder on Apple’s part. We have tried repeatedly to step through the downloads, get a successful message that 10.5 was downloaded, and then bam! you get an error message when you try to sync up the new iphone that you don’t have 10.5. With millions of people downloading, many repeatedly, Apple servers are probably slow and tied up. To not offer any help in this gives Apple a black eye

  4. Itunes 10.7 and the same problem. !!. may be a problem with the file?. I download iTunesSetup.exe, (from another computer) put in my web server.. and wen try download from my webserver.. then same problem!.. stuck in 99% :S but no problem with other files in my webserver… ¿¿???

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