Anyone Trying To Play World Of WarCraft Without Cataclysm?

wowI know WOW: Cataclysm is only ~$40 to buy and it probably would be quicker if I just went out and got it, but if you fire up World Of WarCraft without the new expansion installed you’re pretty much forced to have to download about 8GB of patches and updates just to be able to play the game! Now $40 really isn’t all that much to pay and if I was really desperate to play it I probably would just go out and pick it up, but I’ve been thinking about possibly getting back into WOW but I’m not really sure. If I can get the game up and running and maybe buy a 1 month sub to test it out, if I like it I’d probably go get it…otherwise I’d leave it.

I’m sure I’m not the only one in this boat, there must be heaps of people out there who used to play and are thinking about returning to it now that the new expansion is out, but the last thing they want to do is fork out large sums of money for subscriptions to a game they might not want to even play.

Now I understand why these patches are required, the Cataclysm expansion changes pretty much the whole game. There are new starting zones for the 2 new races, but even looking at all the old zones from the base game and 2 previous expansions they’ve updated those also. This means you are pretty much having to download the entire cataclysm game anyway as everybody needs to be playing on the same zone maps, etc. The only things you won’t have access to if you don’t buy the expansion would probably be being able to create characters based on the 2 new races in the game (Worgen and Goblins) and any new quests.

I’m sure its a great game, it just kind of sucks that people who might want to come back to it have to wait a million years for their game clients to patch before they can jump back in again.

Ahh well, only another 1GB remaining and I’m back in.

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