Why Is There Still No Official Facebook App For iPad Yet?

facebook_stacked1 The Apple iPad has been available for 9 months now at least and there is still no official facebook app for the iPad. The iPod and iPhone have a facebook app which was actually written by facebook guys so its strange to find that after all this time there is still no facebook app on iPad. apple-ipadI joined Facebook way back when it was only open to university students. Back then the Facebook guys always used to look after their customers and their site reflected that. These days you hop on facebook and everything keeps changing. It get quite annoying. Not having an iPad app available when they have it on the iPod/iPhone is really not good enough. Even if they ported their iPod app to iPad (making full use of iPad resolution, I’m aware of iPad’s x2 feature for iPod apps) that would be better than nothing.

There are plenty of alternatives though, two I’ve tried are Facepad and Friendly (Friendly I actually still do use).

Facepad looks pretty and has a good set of features, but text rendering in the app is really sub-par, it appears all blurry and fuzzy. After a while it starts to hurt your eyes. It has a nice messages section that Friendly doesn’t have and the sliding UI is a nice feature, but as a whole I don’t think its as good as Friendly is. The app is free though so I give them that much for trying something and selling it for free.

Friendly on the other hand has some features that are lacking, but overall its a solid app. Its AU $1.19 price tag is still fairly small but for that dollar you get a much more rounded app than Facepad and at least you can read the text properly! When you click a web link in friendly rather than spitting you out of the app and loading up Safari, it just opens the link INSIDE the Friendly app. When you’re done looking at the link, you can just hit the ‘done’ button and it spins you back to the Friendly page you were looking at. Very nice. I use Friendly most of the time on the iPad.

If anyone is looking around for a nice facebook app for iPad stop searching for an official one from Facebook as I have no idea when that’s coming (or even if it is). Check out Friendly for iPad, you really can’t go wrong with it.

2 thoughts on “Why Is There Still No Official Facebook App For iPad Yet?”

  1. Thanks mike. Yes there is an official facebook app for iPhone created by facebook themselves but there is currently no facebook official app for iPad.

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