Like NBA 2K11? Check Out Chris Smoove!

I’m a big basketball fan and can’t get my hands off NBA 2K11 right now. I’ve been playing in the My Player mode, creating a beast shooting guard playing for the Phoenix Suns. I’m averaging about 20 ppg with 3.0 assists and 5 rebounds. I’ve got about 7 games remaining in the season and my team is 7th in the conference standings so its close. We pretty much have to win most of our remaining games to keep the 7th seed spot for the playoffs. I think we can do it though, although my teammates have been a bit hot & cold lately.

If you too love NBA 2k11 as much as I do, you have to go check out a guy called Chris Smoove’s Youtube channel he makes the best 2k11 videos on the internet without a doubt, and he’s a great player too. Check out his latest video, he plays My Player a lot also. He was playing for the Raptors but his team totally sucked and was dying for a trade…looks like he finally got it. Last year he played for the Heat and looks like he’s headed back there!

Still got a few games on the Xbox to get through still like COD black ops (which I still play multiplayer a bit) and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (not to mention other games i’m yet to finish…Alan Wake anyone?) but while i’m still hooked on 2k11 (and while Chris still puts out videos) I’ll be playing this for sometime yet.

6 thoughts on “Like NBA 2K11? Check Out Chris Smoove!”

  1. Chris what system u have. how did u do drive and take the air plane in nba 2k11 my player can u tell me

  2. I’m not Chris Smooth, I just like his videos and they always have very useful information. My name is Justin.

    Personally in the summer circuit I upgraded speed first as speed is the most expensive skill in the game.

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